What can I use instead of CR1620?

ML1620 battery is a rechargeable lithium manganese-dioxide battery, with a nominal voltage of 3.0 volts and can be used instead of a CR1620 battery.

Can I use a Cr1632 instead of CR1620?

1 of 1 found this helpful. Do you? No 1632 battery is differ from 1620 it are similar alike it as the same volt and look the same. Depending on what you using the battery for it wouldn’t be no harm if you replace a Cr1632 with a Cr1620 you will just have less usage out of the Cr1620 than Cr1632 that all.

Can you use a CR2016 instead of CR1620?

Yes! A different diameter and a different thickness!

What is an LR41 battery equivalent to?

Direct replacements for LR41 would be 192, 92A,LR736, and AG3. These batteries are exact equivalents for the LR41 battery, the only difference being the name.

What are CR1620 batteries used for?

CR1620 lithium coin cell batteries provide excellent performance and their extensive shelf-life makes them ideal for use in a variety of devices: Car remotes, watches, cameras, calculators, car security alarm, organizers, glucometer, computer equipment and other electronic devices.

Is a cr1616 battery the same as an CR1620?

A cr1620 battery is 2mm high, whereas a cr1616 battery is 1.6mm high.

What battery can I use instead of CR1632?

CR1632 Battery Equivalents are as follows: BR1632, BR 1632, BR1612-1W, CR1632, CR 1632, DL1632, DL1612B, ECR1632, E-CR1632, KCR1632, KECR1632, KL1632, L1632, LITH34, LITH-34 Good for Car remotes, Watches, Cameras, Calculators, Car Security Alarm, Organizers, Glucometer, Computer Equipment and other …

Are CR1632 and CR2032 interchangeable?

The CR1632 battery is very similar to CR2032 or CR2025 but they are not interchangeable because of their dimensions.

What battery replaces CR2016?

What battery can replace CR2016? Lithium 3.0V batteries that are labeled as ECR2016, DL2016, E-CR2016, SB-T11, 5000LC and similar can replace CR2016 batteries since they are different labels for the same battery – CR2016 battery.

Is there a replacement battery for LR44?

Direct replacements for LR44 would be Duracell 76A, Energizer A76, and AG13 batteries. These batteries are exact equivalents for the LR44 battery, the only difference being the name. These batteries can all be interchanged.

Are CR1632 and CR2016 interchangeable?

A: No they are not interchangeable. The 2016 is thinner than the 2032.

What battery is equivalent to SR626?

377 Battery is a direct replacement for SR626SW, SR66, SR626, SB-AW, 280-39, BA, V377, D377, 606, S626E, GP377, AG4, AG-4, 377, L626, SG4, LR626, LR66, SR628SW, E377, E377CA, LR626SW, 377A, SR262SW, 377X, 377S, GP177, SR6265W, 377/376, E377A, SR66SW, SR625SW, 377BA, CR626SW, AG4/377, AG04 batteries.

Is 392 battery same as LR41?

This 392 Silver Oxide Button Cell Battery is 1.55 V and has a capacity of 45 mAh. It is also commonly called a LR41 battery. These are replacement watch batteries and replacement small electronics batteries.

Is a 312 battery the same as a 13?

Are 312 and 13 batteries the same? No, they are not the same – they differ in size (312: 7.9 x 3.6 mm, 13: 7.9 x 5.4 mm) and capacity.

How big is a CR1620 battery?

The CR1620 battery has a capacity of 70mAh and an instant short-circuit current of 200mA. The dimensions of the battery are 16mm X 2mm with a weight of 1.3g. The standard service output for CR1620 coin cell batteries is 175h.

What size is a 1632 battery?

Lithium CR1632 battery features physical dimensions of (D x H) 16.0 x 3.2 mm (~0.63 x 0.126 inch), hence ‘1632’ part of its label. Letters ‘CR’ means that it is a round battery (hence ‘R’) and features a non-rechargeable manganese-dioxide lithium chemistry.

What is a CR1616 battery?

The CR1616 is a coin cell battery that works in many smaller electronic devices. It is able to power key fobs, glucometers, heart rate monitors, toys, computer backup equipment, and more. One of its most popular uses is in the Honda and Lexus key fobs, but it is also used in many other car brands and devices.

What battery replaces CR1616?

Common labels for CR1616 equivalent batteries are DL1616, BR1616, ECR1616, 280-209, GPCR1616, LiR1616, KCR1616, 5021LC etc. Most labels, but not all, include ‘1616’ in the label to indicate the battery size.

What battery is compatible with CR1025?

CR1025 size batteries are used as replacements for: 5033LC, BR1025, CR1025, DL1025, ECR1025, KCR1025, and KECR1025. These batteries are all CR1025 battery equivalents.

CR1025 Battery (Avg.)General Info
CR1025 Battery Manufacturer BrandsToshiba, Renata, Energizer, Panasonic, Murata, and More

What are 1632 batteries used for?

Lithium Coin CR1632 has several proven achievements for devices where conventional batteries cannot be used. The batteries can be used for memory back-up, digital watches, calculators, laser pens, car keys, fitness appliances and medical devices like a clinical thermometer and a tensiometer.

What does the CR stand for in CR2032?

CR is the generic designation that is used by the entire batteries maker but lithium batteries are also having chromium. All the batteries who have this chemical substance in their batteries they can use this abbreviation CR. On the other DL is the short abbreviation of the battery making company Duracell.

Will a CR2025 work for a CR2032?

CR2025 and CR2032 can be used interchangeably in the battery compartment, with only minor impact, as long as either one fits. However, because it has a higher capacity (mAh), we expect that the CR2032 will last slightly longer than the other.

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