Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller vs Xbox One Controller for PC

Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller vs Xbox One Controller for PC

Xbox controller is the main controller for the Xbox game console. Additionally, it originally has the moniker of “duke” which was part of the controller bundle for the Xbox system. The controllers utilize a USB interface on the Xbox or other drivers from third-party equipment that has a standard USB interface.

With the recent advancements, there have been versions of the Xbox controllers. In this article, we shall be looking into the two versions of Xbox controllers and their differences – Microsoft Xbox 360 vs Xbox One controller for PC.

Xbox Controller Definition and Description

The main controller for Microsoft Xbox 360 is the Xbox 360 controller. Introduced in 2005, this controller for the video game console comes in wireless and wired versions.

The wireless runs on double-A batteries or a battery pack which is rechargeable. On the other hand, the wired version connects to a USB port found on the console or any USB hub attached. As a matter of fact, both versions are compatible with most Microsoft operating systems.

Equipped with impulse triggers, Xbox One controller has vibration feedback that allows you to feel the experience of crashing or jolting while playing in Xbox One. Moreover, it has also responsive thumbsticks that work with D-pad to provide you precision with every move.

It comes on a wireless version which you can charge while playing or after the game. At the same time, it has a headset jack of 3.5mm which you can easily plug-in to allow you to be fully immersed with the game.

What is the Difference? Xbox 360 Controller vs. Xbox One Controller for PC

In general, the Xbox One controller redesigned the analog thumbsticks while enhancing the new gamepad of the Xbox 360 controller.

  1. Textured grip – It has thinner joysticks with a textured grip on the edges. With this, your thumb will not slip and slide while participating in a game.
  2. Pressure – The analog sticks now take less force of around 25 percent to move them around. In fact, it registers even the slightest movement.
  3. D-pad enhancement – During previous events, the D-pad of the Xbox 360 controller was subpar from other more advanced controllers. Thus, the developers improved the D-pad in Xbox One to be concave. This allows you to perform different sweeping movements easily and effectively.
  4. Button modifications – The face buttons were made tighter together. The guide button, on the other hand, is independently placed above the controller. Therefore, you can no longer accidentally press this menu button which is a slower time to boot. Replacing the start and back button, Xbox One controller for PC has a menu and view buttons in the center.
Feature Description Xbox 360 Controller Xbox One Controller for PC
Textured Grip Yes Yes
Pressure Normal Less
D-pad Flat Concave
Button Normal Tighter together

Generally speaking, these are the main differences between the two controllers. We recommend you to check which controller version fits well with your Xbox device.

Final Thoughts

In summary, the two controllers are just different versions for the Xbox game console. Xbox One controller is improved of the Xbox 360 controller. There were modifications made especially on its analog sticks, buttons, and D-pad.

Ultimately, the clear winner of this battle for Xbox 360 controller vs. Xbox One Controller for PC is the later. It provides better features which makes it more user-friendly.

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