Why can’t I do anything in MSI Afterburner?

Disabling the onboard graphics card on your computer can resolve the overclocking issues with MSI Afterburner. When your external graphics card is selected as the default device for graphics management, MSI Afterburner’s overclocking features should work properly and resolve the problem you’re having!

Why can’t I change fan speed MSI Afterburner?

You can’t change fan speed because it’s disabled. You need to Enable fan speed using the settings menu. In settings, click on the Fan tab. Check the box “Enable user-defined software automatic fan control“.

Does MSI Afterburner work with everything?


It’s reliable, works on any card (even non-MSI!), gives you complete control, lets you monitor your hardware in real-time and best of all: it’s completely free!

Are MSI Afterburner changes permanent?

Is Msi Afterburner Overclock Permanent? It is possible to apply overclocking settings at startup by setting Afterburner to that setting. Therefore, your OC settings will only continue to be visible when the PC is open. Default settings can be reverted to any time by pressing the “Reset” button.

How do I turn on MSI Afterburner overlay 2022?

How do I show the overlay on MSI Afterburner? Open Afterburner, and then click the Settings cog. In the window that appears, click “On-Screen Display.” In the “Global On-Screen Display Hotkeys” section, you can set these to whatever you want or leave the defaults.

Does MSI Afterburner work on Windows 11?

MSI Afterburner is an overclocking tool that works with most graphic cards. Along with that, you can also use it to monitor the system’s performance. But several users have reported that MSI Afterburner is not working in Windows 11.

How do you unlock fan controls in MSI Afterburner?

MSI Afterburner speed control not working?

Why I can’t control my laptop fan speed?

They cannot be manually controlled but can only be limited using a resistor cable. 3-pin DC fan connectors are connected to the motherboard, so you can alter its speed by limiting the voltage via BIOS. 4-pin PWM (pulse width modulation) can be controlled using fan control software easily.

How do I control GPU fan speed MSI Afterburner?

1. Unlock the fan speed

  1. Open MSI Afterburner.
  2. Click on the Settings Icon.
  3. Go to the Fan tab.
  4. Check the box called Enable user defined software automatic fan control.
  5. Set the Predefined fan speed curve to Custom.
  6. Click Apply then Ok.
  7. Make sure the Auto option is disabled.

Does MSI Afterburner damage?

If you crank up everything on MSI Afterburner to max, your gpu will instantly crashes, because the stock bios is limit very low voltage offset, but the clock frequency and memory frequency can be crank you much higher, then your gpu wont receive enough voltage and crashes.

Does Afterburner overclock CPU?

Does afterburner overclock CPU? MSI Afterburner is free software that lets you overclock both CPUs and GPUs. Along with a detailed overview of your hardware, MSI Afterburner lets you control your computer’s fan speed with customized fan profiles, benchmarking, and video recording.

How do I change my MSI Afterburner skin?

How To Make MSI Afterburner Look Awesome Like This Tutorial

Do I need to start afterburner every time?

afterburner does not have to be running to keep an overclock once it has been applied. you set the overclock and hit apply and close afterburner and the oc stays UNTIL you reboot. afterburner is not running in the background.

Does running MSI afterburner affect performance?

MSI Afterburner does not effect performance on almost all games. However a few games have been known to have issues. The texture issues will most likely be caused by something else such as an OC, bad driver, wrong settings, high temps, game glitch or faulty card.

How do I make MSI afterburner permanent?

How Do I Make Msi Afterburner Permanent? In Afterburner, you can enable overclocking settings once the software is installed. Until then, only your OC settings will be valid on your PC. Default settings can be reverted to at any time by using the “Reset” button.

How do I activate RivaTuner?

How do I enable RivaTuner OSD? Go to Settings and check “Start with Windows” and “Start minimized”. Make sure you allow RTSS to start with Windows as well. That’s it!

How do I activate the MSI Afterburner overlay?

In MSI Afterburner settings, open the On-Screen display tab. In this section, the first option allows you to change the hotkey for the overlay. To change the hotkey, just click on the box present in front of the Toggle On-Screen Display option and press the keys that you want to use for the overlay.

Is MSI Afterburner safe?

MSI’s official Afterburner website is not compromised and is safe to use.

How do I start MSI afterburner on Windows?

Open MSI Afterburner and click settings. make sure “Start with Windows” is unchecked and that “Start minimized” is checked. Click “OK” when your done.

How can I control my fan speed without BIOS?

If your computer’s BIOS doesn’t allow you to adjust the blower speed, you can choose to go with a speed fan. This is one of the free utilities that give you more advanced control over your CPU fans….SpeedFan

  1. Step 1: Download & Install SpeedFan.
  2. Step 2: Play With Some Fan Controls.
  3. Step 3: Set Up Your Automatic Fan Control.

Is SpeedFan safe?

Is SpeedFan safe to download? According to its VirusTotal report, the SpeedFan setup file doesn’t contain any malware, so it’s safe to download, install, and use it on your computer.

How do I change my fan profile on MSI Afterburner?

When you launch MSI Afterburner, you’ll notice a fan curve displayed under the “Fan” tab at the top. Then, select custom against the “Predefined Fan Speed Curve” drop down menu.

How can I cool down my laptop?

How to cool down your computer

  1. Don’t block your computer’s vents.
  2. Use a laptop cooling pad.
  3. Avoid using programs that push your computer’s CPU limits.
  4. Clean your computer’s fans and vents.
  5. Change your computer’s settings to improve its performance.
  6. Shut down the computer.

How do I manually turn my laptop fan on?

How to Manually Power on CPU Fans

  1. Start or restart your computer.
  2. Enter the BIOS menu by pressing and holding down the appropriate key while your computer is starting up.
  3. Locate the “Fan Settings” section.
  4. Look for the “Smart Fan” option and select it.
  5. Select “Save Settings and Exit.”

How do I change my GPU fan speed?

Click the “GPU” icon, and then click the “Cooling” slider control and slide it to a value between zero and 100 percent. The fan slows down or speeds up automatically, depending on your setting.

Does MSI Afterburner control case fans or GPU fans?

To enable manual fan control in MSI Afterburner, go to options, then select the “Fan” tab. Once there, click on the “Enable user-defined software automatic fan control.” And then, create a custom fan curve. … Overall, MSI Afterburner is one of the handiest apps to have on your PC.