VD Collection Digitization

High-Quality Playback Awaits The Ultimate Guide to The Best DVD Ripper Tools

In today’s digital age, converting your DVD movie collection into digital files on your computer is a practical space-saving necessity, eliminating clutter and worries about DVD damage. This transition lets you enjoy your favorite movies on mobile devices and laptops. However, using Windows Media Player is not viable for this task, as it cannot rip DVDs. In this guide, we’ll introduce three effective DVD Ripper utilities to transfer DVDs to your computer, creating convenient digital copies of your beloved films, and leaving physical discs behind in favor of digital movie libraries.

  1. DVDFab DVD Ripper

DVDFab DVD Ripper is a versatile tool that facilitates the process of saving your DVD or Blu-ray discs to your computer in popular video formats. It ensures that your DVD files are saved and converted with advanced features without compromising quality. You can edit disc data by performing tasks such as trimming, cropping, adding special effects, and more, providing complete customization options. You can effortlessly add your DVD content to the software interface, choosing either the main file or all files for the process. DVDFab DVD Ripper offers compatibility with both Windows and Mac operating systems, ensuring a convenient option for all users.


  • It can rip DVDs into conventional video formats, including MP4, MKV, AVI, MOV, WMV, FLV, M4V, TS, etc.
  • It can extract audio in formats like MP3, WMA, AAC, M4A, FLAC, OGG, and PCM.
  • Regular updates keep the program up to date with new settings for format conversion.
  • It can handle various DVD copy protections like CSS, APS, RC, Sony DADC, etc.
  • It can even recognize and decrypt newly purchased encrypted DVDs courtesy of DVDFab’s exclusive Cloud Decryption Service.
  • Users can configure their playback preferences, including options like Mobile, Theatre, AI, or Web, offering control over where they play their converted DVD videos.
  • Batch conversion with the original quality is possible through multi-core CPUs and Intel Quick Sync technology.

User Ratings: 4.1/5 from softpedia.com

Steps To Use The DVDFab DVD Ripper

Step 1: Import the DVD Source

Launch DVDFab and choose the “Ripper” option within DVDFab 13. You can load your DVD source in two following ways. If you have a physical DVD, insert it into your optical drive. If your source is an ISO file or a folder, drag and drop it onto the workspace.

Step 2: Customize DVD Video Output

Now, navigate to “Choose Other Profile” > “Format” > “Video” from the menu. Here, you can convert your DVD to MP4, MKV, AVI, MOV, and more formats. Tailor audio tracks and language preferences, extract DVD subtitles in SRT format, or include external subtitles. You can fine-tune video and audio settings under ‘Advanced Settings’ and ‘Video Edit.’ If you wish to enhance video quality automatically, select “Enlarger AI” – a feature that prepares your video for uploading to YouTube.

Step 3: Initiate the DVD Ripping Process

To start ripping your DVDs for free, click the “Start” button. The ripping progress will be displayed. During this process, you can cancel the DVD-ripping operation, shut down your computer, exit the software, hibernate your system, or take no action.

  1. Handbrake DVD Ripper

HandBrake is a versatile, free, and open-source software tool that empowers you to effortlessly duplicate the contents of a homemade DVD onto your computer. This user-friendly application boasts an uncomplicated interface and allows you to fine-tune numerous output preferences. Dedicated volunteers create HandBrake and equip you to transform videos from various formats into contemporary, universally supported codecs. With its convenient built-in device presets you can start the process in seconds. Select either a profile tailored to your particular device or a universal profile for achieving standard or high-quality conversions.


  • HandBrake is a freely available open-source program, accessible for download and use by anyone.
  • This versatile tool supports many encoding methods, encompassing H.265, H.264, MPEG-4, MPEG-2, VP8, and VP9.
  • HandBrake empowers users to tailor their output settings, enabling customization of resolution, bit rate, frame rate, and more.
  • With multi-platform compatibility, HandBrake can duplicate DVDs on Windows, Mac, and Linux computers.


  • HandBrake cannot circumvent the copy protection found on commercial DVDs, which can limit its utility for specific users.
  • It offers limited support for troubleshooting, given its smaller development team.
  • HandBrake’s primary function is video conversion, which doesn’t provide advanced video editing features.
  • HandBrake may exhibit slower speeds when copying DVDs to your computer, depending on the selected settings.

User Ratings: 4.0/5 from softpedia.com

  1. MakeMKV

MakeMKV Processing

MakeMKV is a versatile tool that excels in copying DVD and Blu-ray discs to your computer, generating high-quality MKV (Matroska) files. This remarkable program preserves the original video, audio, and meta-information intact. With its user-friendly interface, MakeMKV simplifies the DVD copying process, making it accessible even for novices. Moreover, it ensures the retention of the DVD’s original video and audio quality. It functions as a format converter, preserving meta-information and chapters. In addition, MakeMKV offers the convenience of instantly streaming decrypted video without the need for intermediate conversion to a wide range of players.


  • Proficient at reading the latest AACS and BD+ protected Blu-ray discs.
  • It preserves all video and audio tracks, including HD audio.
  • It retains essential meta-information, such as track language and audio type.
  • The swift conversion is in line with your drive’s data reading speed.


  • The final file sizes are massive.
  • MakeMKV exclusively delivers MKV files.
  • You may require supplementary software to convert these files into other video formats.
  • It could be more versatile in terms of customization options.

User Ratings: 3.8/5 from softpedia.com


Can I transfer a DVD to my computer using Windows Media Player?

Unfortunately, Windows Media Player cannot copy music, images, or videos from a DVD to your PC. It exclusively supports music copying from CDs.

What’s the optimal format for DVD ripping?

Selecting the best format for ripping a DVD can be subjective. An ISO image provides an uncompressed, sector-by-sector disc replication for straightforward copying. Alternatively, file formats such as MP4 and MOV can be employed to store the DVD video on your hard drive and extract content directly from the DVD.

Can DVDs be saved to a hard drive?

Indeed, if the DVD lacks copy protection, you can copy the audio and video contents directly from the DVD and paste them onto your hard drive.


A powerful tool like DVDFab DVD Ripper is essential if you’re digitizing DVDs, especially recently released or those from major studios like Disney, Warner Bros, or Paramount. These DVDs may have advanced encryption that general rippers struggle with. HandBrake & MakeMKV, while suitable for unencrypted DVDs, may not work well with such intricate protections. DVDFab DVD Ripper is a strong contender for a versatile tool capable of copying, duplicating, or ripping DVDs to various formats.