How do you remove a 24 pin motherboard connector?


  1. Make sure you have completely compressed the power connector latch.
  2. Try a gentle rocking motion along the length of the power connector while pulling it out. This can help loosen it.
  3. Try needle nose pliers to hold the connector clip open while gently prying the gap with a flat screwdriver.

What is the easiest way to remove a 24 pin connector?

Removal of the 24-pin connector will require a straight, upwards pull to unsocket it. With the space available, pinch the locking clip on the header block. Once clear of its hold-down tab, pull the header straight upwards. Removal is done.

How do you remove a 24 pin power supply?

How to remove power supply from your PC

How do you remove a motherboard connector?

To separate the connector, gently push the tip of a spudger under the clip. Then, swing the clip over to the other side of the socket, so that it lays flat against the cable. Holding the clip and cable together, gently pull in the direction of the cable to remove the connector from its socket.

What is the easiest way to remove motherboard power cable?

There’s a little tab on the plastic connector that must be pinched in order to remove the cable from the board. It should be on the outside-facing side of the connector (towards the outside edge of the board). Squeeze/pinch that, and gently pull on the plastic connector – not the wires.

How do I remove pins from my ATX connector?

How To Use ATX Power Supply Pin Removal & Extraction Tool 24 pin, 8 …

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How do I remove the power supply?

How to remove and install a computer Power Supply Unit (PSU)

How do I remove a shroud power supply?

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You access the components under the shroud from the other side of the case. Remove the two thumb screws at the top corners of the case and then remove the side. You then have access to the 3.5″ hard drive, spare drive slot, power cables, and power supply.

How do you open a power supply?

How to Open an AC Adapter

  1. Unplug the power cord from the wall outlet or power strip, if it is still plugged in. Video of the Day.
  2. Place the end of a putty knife in the seam of the AC adapter. The seam is the middle or where the top and bottom halves of the adapter meet.
  3. Twist the putty knife to pry on the adapter.

How do you unplug a connector?

How to Disconnect Electrical Connectors GM/Chevy, Dodge …

How do you remove pins from a connector?

Use a small needle or other sharp tool to very gently pry back the retaining tab that locks the pin into the connector housing. Do this by sliding the tip of the needle down the metal back of the pin in order to lift the plastic tab. Gently pull on the wire for the pin that you are removing at the same time.

How do you remove a plastic wire connector?

In most cases, connectors either hold the wire in with a small metal prong or they are crushed onto the wire. With a gentle tug, the wire usually pulls out of the connector. Place a pair of wire cutters next to the connector and cut the wire to remove it from the connector.

How do you unplug a SATA cable?

There are two types of SATA connector, a locking type and a non-locking type. The locking connectors have a small metal clip on the top of the connector itself. If it’s one of these, you need to press the clip down and pull the connector straight out.

How do you discharge a computer power supply?

Hit the power button on the computer a few times. This will drain the capacitors for you. The fans will spin briefly at the first power button push. I usually push it four or five times to make sure the capacitors are completely drained.

How do you open a power supply box?

Starting from the middle of each side, carefully pry at the angle shown while applying some inward pressure (DO NOT HAVE THE PRYING TOOL FACING ANY PART OF YOUR BODY). You may have to dig in a little, but it will eventually pop. Work left to right along the same side, then do the other, and then the narrower sides.

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How do I remove 24 pin ATX?

Prominent. The way how I did it is that I push the clip, wriggle the connector from side to side, then pull out the connector. If the connector won’t come out, push the clip and wriggle some more. Make sure you are pushing the clip the whole time.

How do you remove a Molex connector pin?

Remove Pins From Amphenol / Molex Connectors For Reuse (4K)

What is a 24 pin connector?

ATX 24-pin 12V Power Supply Pinout

The ATX 24-pin power supply connector is the standard motherboard power connector in computers today. The connector itself is a Molex 39-01-2240 connector, often called a Molex Mini-fit Jr.

What is the step before removing the power supply?

Before handling any component, discharge any static electricity by touching a grounded surface. Do not remove a component from its antistatic protective bag until you are ready to install it. After removing a component from the chassis, immediately place it on an antistatic surface or in antistatic packaging.

How do you remove RAM sticks?

To unclip it, simply push the clip downward towards the motherboard. Be very gentle when you do this and it should push the RAM module up while the clip opens up. After that, you can remove the RAM by gently pulling it upwards. Make sure you have room for your hand to pull the RAM module.

How do I remove the power supply from my HP Pavilion?

Replace the Power Supply | HP Pavilion 500-200 Desktop PCs

What is PSU shroud?

Most modern cases include a power supply cover or shroud that cleans up the internal look of your PC by hiding things such as your PSU cables and drive cages.

Should PSU fan be up or down?

It is recommended to mount the power supply with its ventilation top cover facing DOWNWARD. The fan in the power supply will take in the warm air inside the computer case, and the power supply will exhaust the air through the back.

What power supply does iBUYPOWER use?

Black Friday Month Sale Intel Z690 Streamer

CaseiBUYPOWER Slate 4 MR
CPUIntel® Core™ i7-12700KF
Memory16GB DDR4-3600 T-FORCE RGB RAM
Power Supply600 Watt – 80 PLUS Gold Certified

Is it safe to open a power supply?

Touching components inside the case can discharge static electricity and kill hardware. It is never a good idea to open a PSU especially when plugged into the wall outlet. Even when not plugged into the wall there are capacitors inside the case that can shock you if touched and although not lethal can hurt.

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How do you open a brick power supply?

To open a glued or welded power brick, begin by securing it in a vise or with a clamp. Now, using a sharp utility knife make repeated cuts along the seam until you have cut through the outer plastic shell. It’s important to stop cutting as soon as you are through the plastic so as to not damage the electronics.

What is inside an AC adapter?

Inside the AC adaptor are two wire windings that wrap around a single iron core. The first of the windings receives the 120-volt alternating current delivered to the electrical outlet, and creates an electric field in the iron core.



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