How do I transfer my DISH DVR recordings to my computer?

Can you download DISH DVR recordings?

Use a USB cable to transfer recordings off of a DVR to an external hard drive. A convenient feature of many DVR units like those offered by Dish Network is that they often feature USB and Firewire ports to connect an external SATA hard drive.

How do I transfer my DISH DVR recordings to USB?

How to Transfer Dish DVR Recordings to a New Hopper

  1. Purchase an external USB hard drive.
  2. Plug the hard drive into the USB port on your old Hopper.
  3. Click Yes on the message that appears.
  4. A warning will appear stating that the USB drive is about to be formatted.

How do I download DVR recordings?

Tap Recordings to see all of the recordings stored on your DVR. Tap the recording you want to download. On the recording details screen, tap Download to start downloading your selected program. The recording details screen shows Downloading and a progress bar of the percentage complete.

How do I transfer my Dish DVR recordings to my phone?

Transfer Content

  1. Select More.
  2. Select Transfers.
  3. Select DVR.
  4. Swipe to and select the program you want to transfer.
  5. If applicable, swipe to and select the episode you want to transfer.
  6. Select Transfer.
  7. Select Transfer to Device (on Android) or Transfer to iPhone.

How do I transfer recordings from DSTV PVR to USB?

How to transfer content from my PVR onto an external device

  1. On your Satellite TV remote control, press MENU.
  2. Scroll to and select Multimedia.
  3. Scroll to and select External Hard Drive.
  4. Scroll to and select Archive recordings.
  5. Select the recording you want to transfer and pick Archive Events.
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