How do I reset my Definitive Technology subwoofer?

With the bar powered ON, press and hold the POWER button on the top of the bar for 10 seconds until ALL lights on the front go out completely. Wait for the bar to reboot before turning back on.

Why is my subwoofer not working?

Ensure the subwoofer has not been muted. Increase the volume level on the subwoofer. Ensure the speaker settings on the stereo system or TV have been configured properly to use the subwoofer. IMPORTANT: Certain speaker settings may disable the subwoofer.

How do I pair my Definitive Technology subwoofer?

How to Hook Up the Definitive Technology W Studio Wireless …

Why is my wireless subwoofer not working?

Wireless transmission issues that result in no sound from the subwoofer are generally caused by connection or interference issues. The on/standby indicator on the subwoofer is a good starting point for troubleshooting.

How do you set up a definitive technology speaker?

How to Set Up the Definitive Technology W7 Wireless Speaker

How do I reset my sound bar?

How do I reset my sound bar?

  1. Press and hold the (power) and – (volume down) button on the Soundbar for more than five seconds.
  2. Unplug the AC power cord.
  3. Plug the AC power cord back in again, and press the (power) button to turn on the unit.

How do you test a subwoofer to see if it works?

How To Test A Subwoofer To See If It Works A Quick Test

How do you know if your sub is blown?

Listening to the sound

First, reduce the sound to a low volume and commence audio playback. Increase the volume and bass slowly, all the while paying extra attention to the sound. If it is distorted, you subwoofer is partially blown subwoofer and if there is no sound at all, it is definitely completely blown.

Why is my subwoofer not working with my soundbar?

Disconnect the AC power cord of the subwoofer and reconnect it after one minute. After turning on the subwoofer, set the link settings between the Soundbar Speaker and the Subwoofer again. Note: For how to set the link refer to the operating instructions supplied with the product.

How do you pair a definitive technology soundbar to a subwoofer?

All you do is plug in the subwoofer’s power cord and turn on the ON/OFF POWER switch. When you turn on the sound bar, both the bar and subwoofer will establish a communication link. 1. POWER: Press to turn on the system (sound bar and wireless subwoofer).

How do you hook up a definitive technology soundbar?

Connect the included HDMI cable to the HDMI jacks labeled with “ARC” on both the TV and the sound bar. Connect the included Optical cable between the TV and sound bar. Connect the included HDMI cable to any available HDMI jack on the TV and to the “TV ARC” connector on the sound bar. Connect to your TV 6.

How do you set up a wireless sound bar?

How to Connect:

  1. Press the source or Bluetooth button on your soundbar to turn Bluetooth on.
  2. On the soundbar remote, click Pair to enter the Bluetooth pairing mode.
  3. Turn on your TV and go into the Bluetooth settings.
  4. Choose the name of your soundbar and press Pair and Connect to synchronize the devices.

Why does my wireless subwoofer cut out?

The sound on your wireless subwoofer can drop out if there is interference or a physical obstruction between the soundbar and subwoofer. You can try checking the firmware version, resetting, and reconnecting the subwoofer.

How do I connect my subwoofer to my soundbar without the remote?

Manual connection

  1. Connect the power cords for the soundbar and the subwoofer to the back of each, and then plug both into a wall outlet.
  2. Use a small pointed object to press the ID SET button on the back of the subwoofer.
  3. Continue holding until STANDBY turns off and LINK (Blue LED) blinks quickly.

Why does my soundbar stop working?

Make sure that the setting for Control for HDMI or BRAVIA Sync of your TV and audio device is set to ON. Make sure that the ARC feature of your audio device is set to ON or AUTO. Make sure that your audio device is set to the TV input. Change the TV audio output setting to PCM and check whether the sound is output.

Where are Definitive Technology speakers made?

Def Tech and Atlantic have fine products, but they are not made or assembled in America. Most of Triad’s speakers (75 current models) are designed and manufactured in Portland, Oregon. (Four ceiling speakers come from China.) Our sub amplifiers are made in Canada.

How do I connect my tower speakers to my receiver?

How to Set Up Powered Tower Speakers for Home Theater

How do I reset my Samsung sound bar subwoofer?

Steps to Reset your Samsung Soundbar

  1. Turn on the soundbar by pressing the switch on button.
  2. Hold the power button either on the remote control or soundbar control panel.
  3. Continue to press down the power button until you see the ‘INIT OK’ message on the display panel.
  4. Wait for the soundbar restart and that’s all.

How do I reset my Onn subwoofer?

If you run into a pairing issues it is important to unplug everything from the main unit (all HMDI and other connections except for power) and reset the bar by pressing and holding three buttons (volume up and down and source) until the device shows that is has reset. Unplug the power cable and unplug the subwoofer.

How do I get my sound bar to work?

What to do when you don’t hear sound from your soundbar from HDMI …

Is it worth repairing a subwoofer?

A: The short answer to your question is no, the repair is likely not worth it. The price/performance ratio of subwoofers has improved considerably in the last decade, so finding a subwoofer that matches or beats the AS 20’s specifications—8″ driver, 60 watts RMS, 33 Hz to 140 Hz frequency response—is not too tough.

How do I test my subwoofer power?

Check a Blown Subwoofer With Multimeter

  1. Turn off your subwoofer completely and unplug any power source.
  2. Remove all audio inputs or any cables to make your subwoofer free.
  3. Remove the subwoofer from the enclosure.
  4. Attach the positive multimeter probe to the positive terminal of voice coil of your subwoofer.

Will a blown sub still make noise?

You can check if a subwoofer is blown by listening to the audio that it produces (or does not produce). If it is blown and still producing audio, there will be a crackling or popping sound while streaming. You can also touch the sub and check for any resistance or bounce; a blown sub will be stiff.

Can a blown subwoofer be repaired?

To fix your blown subwoofer you’ll need to take it out of your car, fix or replace any damaged parts, and glue/wire it back together. This process can range from easy to very difficult, depending on the problem.

Do subwoofers have fuses?

Fuses for subwoofers can be located in-line with the subwoofer wires, within the speaker enclosure, and if there is an amp dedicated to the subwoofer, the fuse could be located there. In-line fuses can have different looks.

How long does a subwoofer last?

The lifespan of a subwoofer can range from around 4-14 years. If it’s properly maintained and not abused, the average person should be able to get 10+ years out of their subwoofer.

Why won’t my subwoofer connect to my soundbar Vizio?

If the VIZIO subwoofer is not pairing with the soundbar, try updating the VIZIO soundbar firmware by connecting to the VIZIO SmartCast app. Then reset your VIZIO Soundbar to factory settings by holding the Input and Volume Down buttons for a few seconds.

How do I turn on the subwoofer on my Sony sound bar?

Make sure that both the soundbar and the subwoofer are turned on. To turn them on, press the power buttons. On the soundbar, press and hold the power button. At the same time, press the ‘Input Selector’ button and the ‘Volume –’ button.

How do I connect my subwoofer to my soundbar monster?


  1. Power on the unit and subwoofer/speakers and pair as previously explained.
  2. Press the Bluetooth Pairing button on the top of the unit or the PAIR button on the remote control to switch to the Bluetooth mode, the indicator on top of the unit will turn BLUE color and blink.



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