How do I copy and paste with Logitech Flow?

Here’s how it works. Install the software on all of the computers you want to use, highlight an item on one computer and choose copy. Then paste it into the other computer to copy between devices. It basically creates a cross-device clipboard that lets you copy and paste text, images, files, or folders.

Why is my Logitech flow not working?

Another reason why your Flow may not be working is that your devices are not connected to the same wireless network. What you will need to do is to check which wireless network each one of your devices is running on to ensure that they are all connecting to the same wireless network.

How do you copy and paste on a Logitech mouse?

Just highlight the text or data you want to copy – right click and select copy — then take it to where you want it and right click again to paste. Sorry, there was a problem. Please try again later.

How do I enable Logitech Flow on my computer?


Why can’t I paste with my mouse?

If you’re not able to use keyboard shortcuts for copy-paste, try selecting the file/text using your mouse, then select Copy and Paste from the menu. If this works, it means that your keyboard is the problem. Make sure your keyboard is turned on/properly connected and that you’re using the right shortcuts.

Does Logitech K380 support Logitech Flow?

Logitech K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard – Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, Android, iPad, iPhone, Apple TV Compatible – with Flow Cross-Computer Control and Easy-Switch up to 3 Devices – Dark Grey.

How do I set up Logitech Flow?

Setup & Configure Logitech Flow to Control Multiple Devices with ONE …

Does Logitech Flow work with any keyboard?

Can I Use Non-Logitech Keyboards With Flow? No. The Flow connection is set up over your local network for the hand-off of the cursor and other elements like copy-and-paste, but the actual computer inputs rely on specific USB or Bluetooth connections to all of computers.

How do I enable Logitech flow on Windows?

To configure Flow, make sure the computers are powered on and connected to the same network, and use these steps:

  1. Open Logitech Options.
  2. Continue with the on-screen directions to set up the peripheral (if applicable).
  3. Click the Flow tab.
  4. Click the Enable Flow button.
  5. Click the Continue button.

How do I set my mouse to copy and paste?

Click the right button of your mouse and select ‘cut’ or ‘copy’. To paste the text, select ‘Paste’. The Paste Options, when offered, give you additional pasting options like keeping/discarding formatting, etc.

How do I program my mouse to copy and paste?

Logitech M585 Mouse Unboxing | Copy & Paste Files Between Two …

Why does Logitech mouse not work?

Multiple Methods of Reset

Check the bottom of your mouse, and turn the power to the On position. Look under the power button for the reset button. If one is there, hold the reset for five full seconds to reset the mouse. Attempt to use the mouse to see if the problem is resolved.

How is Logitech flow work?

Logitech Flow allows users of both Windows and macOS machines to quickly and painlessly copy and paste text, both plain text and rich text, images, files and folders between peer computers. It achieves this by sending clipboard hints from the flow out computer to the flow in computer during channel switch.

What devices support Logitech Flow?


  • MK850 PERFORMANCE Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo.
  • MX Keys Read more on MX Keys.
  • K780 Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard Read more on K780 Multi Device wireless keyboard.
  • K380 MULTI-DEVICE BLUETOOTH KEYBOARD Read more on K380 Multi Device wireless keyboard.

Does MX Master support flow?

It tracks at 4,000 DPI, which is industry-leading for accuracy, and you can adjust sensitivity, scroll direction and other features in Logitech’s desktop software. The MX Master 3 also supports up to three devices at once, and works with Flow to copy and past between different operating systems.

How do I fix not being able to copy and paste?

How to fix copy and paste not working?

  1. Close any video players.
  2. Close any open applications.
  3. Clear your clipboard.
  4. Run System File Checker.
  5. Update your device drivers.
  6. Delete any corrupt zones from your Windows Registry.
  7. Check for viruses and malware.
  8. Undo recent system changes with System Restore.

Why is my copy-paste not working Windows 10?

Many users reported that copy-paste feature isn’t working on their PC, and according to them, the easiest way to fix it is to restart your PC. If you don’t want to restart your PC, you can also log off from your user account, wait for a few seconds and then log back in again.

Why won’t my mouse right-click and copy?

If the right click only doesn’t work in Windows Explorer , then you can restart it to see if it fixes the problem: 1) On your keyboard, press Ctrl, Shift and Esc at the same time to open Task Manager. 2) Click on Windows Explorer > Restart. 3) Hopefully your right click has come back to life now.

How can I improve my Logitech Flow?

Logitech Flow Copy & Paste Not Working Fix

Does MK850 support flow?

Logitech MK850Combo: A wireless Logitech mouse and keyboard combo, both of which are Flow-enabled. The design of Logitech MK850 focuses on comfort, and that is what makes it one of the best Logitech keyboard and mouse combos.

Does Logitech flow work through VPN?

The mouse combined with my Logitech Craft keyboard, is a perfect setup to switch between PCs, with the Logitech Flow software, it would be even better, but there is a problem. My work requires me to stay on a very restrictive VPN, which ruins Flow. Flow only works via network, it is not the clever HW doing the switch.

How do I pair MX keys?

You can connect up to three devices via the Unifying Receiver or Bluetooth. For the latter you press one of the Easy Switch buttons until its LED blinks to indicate it’s in pairing mode. Then find and select MX Keys from the list of available Bluetooth devices on the laptop, tablet, or phone you’re trying to connect.

How do I setup my Logitech keyboard?

On an Android device: In Settings > Wireless and Networks, tap Bluetooth and confirm it is active. When a list of Bluetooth wireless devices appears, select Logitech Keyboard K480 and click Next. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the pairing.

Which ports does flow use?

For computers on the same subnet that can ping each other using UDP broadcasts, Flow uses a fixed UDP port (59867) to listen for and discover other peers. For those computers that are behind routers or firewalls, Flow uses a Logitech cloud service to assist with peer discovery.

Is Logitech Flow Safe?

The Logitech flow technology is so innovative that it almost feels like a magical capability, a feature that eliminates one of the biggest boundaries in the world of computers. It is very easy to use and is completely safe and secure, which results in having more productive workplaces.

Can Logitech keyboard connect to 2 receivers?

You can only pair multiple devices to one receiver, not one device to multiple receivers. Therefore, the mouse or keyboard communicates only with the receiver to which it is paired. In addition, Advanced 2.4 GHz helps guard against interference with other devices.

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