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Best Titles on Amazon Prime Video to Watch with Friends

Who does not like watching a cozy, scary, or funny movie with friends in a nice environment? We all love to spend quality time with our friends and ending the day with a movie is just the cherry on top after a whole day filled with studies or work and whatnot.

Moreover, this makes it the perfect time to have an Amazon Prime subscription on hand, as there are many new titles available to choose from for the impulsive friends’ hangout you make and do not know what to or cannot find good options in movies to watch with your friends. In this article, we have listed some of the best movies or shows that are available on Amazon Prime and are a great watch and some to binge-watch.

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Read ahead about some of the best you can get with Amazon Prime Video to watch with your friends.

  1. The Kids in the Hall

Nothing makes a friend’s movie night more fun than a nice comedy show. Consisting of five main characters, The Kids in the Hall is a great TV show to watch. It has great humor that delights the fans. This show is backed with a limited revival season that will be a great source of entertainment with brave humor, and quirky characters, this show is a fan favorite.

  1. The Devil’s Hour

If your friend group likes watching thriller shows then you should watch The Devil’s Hour. The plot revolves around Lucy, a single mother and social worker. Lucy awakens at 3.33 a.m. referred to as the “Devil’s Hour” and gets visions of future occurrences. This enigmatic ability leads to her being linked to killings with her problematic son. This show now has one season, but two more are scheduled shortly.

  1. Catastrophe

A comedy or sitcom is all it takes for a night stay to become more fun. Catastrophe’s plot revolves around the main leads Rob and Sharon who meet on a business trip in London and instantly develop a connection. Planning on keeping their relationship without any strings, their story takes a turn when Sharon gets pregnant. The story follows with them struggling to make ends meet as a couple and how they cope with it.

  1. John Wick: Chapter 4

A nice thriller movie released this year can make that adrenaline rush through all of your friends as they indulge themselves in this movie starring Keanu Reeves. If you have not watched the previous parts then you can even binge on these. The movie follows the story of an individual who leaves working for the mob as an assassin behind and how he tries to escape. John Wick is full of thrilling action and jaw-dropping scenes that you and your friends will love.

  1. The Boys

The Boys stands out in all of the superhero TV shows with its dark take on the superheroes and villains. Adapted from a comic book series, this TV show displays the messed-up side of superheroes. A terrifying form of corruption is portrayed in this show as it shows superheroes taking advantage of their abilities. The Boys is Amazon’s best original series in years, seamlessly combining humor, action, and drama and this makes this a great choice to watch with friends.

  1. The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power

If your friends are immersed in the Lord of the Rings lore and are passionate fans, then this show is just the right choice for a binging night. Based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s literary series, this show is set in Middle-earth and follows the story before The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. It depicts the early period when the Rings of Power were being assembled and Sauron, the Dark Lord, was growing in power. The show is predicted to have the highest budget and more seasons in the future.

The Lord of the Rings The Rings of Power Fantasy TV Show

  1. Invincible

An animated series can instantly lighten up everyone’s mood and lift the night. With a great cast, the plot of Invincible revolves around a teenage boy, Mark, and how he struggles to strike a balance between acting like a normal teenage boy and learning to become invincible as his new superhero skills are being developed. The story later uncovers a truth about his father and how he copes with it.

  1. Titanic

There is no doubt that a classic movie can change the course of the movie’s night. Based on a real event of a sinking ship, this movie shows a love story between two individuals of different social classes and their ill-fated trip on a ship. Titanic is an all-time favorite choice and a great pick to watch during friends’ hangouts.


Amazon Prime has an endless number of amazing shows in every genre to keep you entertained over the weekend and on chilly nights with your friends. You can acquire a subscription for a very reasonable price, gain access to a big selection of fantastic shows, and plan a movie night with your friends, all on your TV. The show’s library is always being updated with excellent new releases and improved alternatives to keep you hooked.