How to Use Instagram Reels Saver to Download Instagram Videos

How to Use Instagram Reels Saver to Download Instagram Videos

Are you a regular Instagram user? Whenever you get some free time, Instagram must be your go-to social media platform for entertainment. Within the app, you might have come across the reels section, which has become the most popular category for most users of Instagram. This is a section of short videos that various creators or influencers choose to make to entertain users and gain a fair share of popularity and followers. It has become so addictive to some people that they even spend hours scrolling through those videos without thinking about anything else.

However, when you scroll through the reels, you might have liked a particular video or music, which you could want to share with your friends or even might like to download the reel or the audio in it. This is why, you may need an Instagram reel download app to help you save the reels you like.

And Snaptube could be the ideal application for it.

Use Snaptube as your Instagram reels downloader app

There are many instances when users scroll through Instagram reels and find some videos or audio are so catchy that they look for some way to download them to watch or listen to later. However, Instagram doesn’t offer a way or an Instagram reels saver tool to do those things successfully. That is why users look for other third-party apps which will allow them to re-watch the reels offline.

In those instances, Snaptube became the ideal platform for downloading reels with music. It is free of cost and have no limitation to its usage. If you think your video would lose the reel’s quality, then it would not be the case.

Even the exact quality of the video is maintained while downloading through this reel saver for Instagram. You can even choose to convert the video into an audio file if you like only the music used in the video.

Do you want to use Snaptube as your Instagram reels video saver?

Well, without wasting any more time, let us look at the steps to get the Instagram reels download apk and how to use it to save reels and stories.

Step 1 – Install the application of Snaptube

  • For the first step, you would need to visit the official website of Snaptube and, from there, download the apk file of Snaptube.
  • Then, ensure that the permissions of downloading and installing apps from unknown sources are allowed.
  • After that, install the application of Snaptube from the apk file you downloaded.

Step 2- Go to the Instagram reels section

  • When you have successfully launched the application of Snaptube, the next step would be to tap on the icon of Instagram located at the topmost bar.
  • From there, log into your personal Instagram account and choose the Instagram reel you want to download.

Step 2- Go to the Instagram reels section

Step 3 – Download the reels

  • After selecting the reel, click on the download button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Then wait for a few seconds as the reel gets downloaded onto your device. You can check the Snaptube library to watch the downloaded Instagram reel.
  • Now, if you only want the audio tap on the three dots presents just beside the video. From there, you can choose to convert it into audio.

Step 3 - Download the reels

You can even find the videos or music you downloaded from Snaptube from your file manager and Gallery app. Besides using it as an Instagram reels video saver app, you can even download Instagram photos, videos and other people’s stories effectively.

Features of Snaptube as an Instagram reel downloader

Choosing Snaptube as the Instagram downloader app for reels has many benefits. And here are some features which you can enjoy if you choose Snaptube for this purpose.

  • You would not need to sign up to download the Instagram reels; without even registering, you can use Snaptube absolutely risk-free.
  • There is no hectic process involved through copying and pasting the link here and there for downloading. Instead, it is straightforward to use the platform.
  • Excellent download speed at absolutely free of cost and with no limitation.
  • You can even download reels or videos from other sites like Facebook, TikTok, DailyMotion, and 50+ other sites.


To download Instagram reels directly in your gallery, you first opt for opening the app Snaptube and then opt for the selection of Instagram i.e. from the top menu. From there, select a relevant reel video you prefer to download.

Then, tap on the download button present at the bottom of the screen. Confirming the video size for saving the Instagram reels will let you know that the reel has been successfully saved in your gallery.

If you are looking for an Instagram reels video download apk, you can easily do so by pasting the video link in the search box of Snaptube. Then once the correct reel appears on the screen, you can download it by clicking on the download button for mp3 download.

  1. Are there download limits if using Snaptube?

No, Snaptube allows you to download as many reels or audio as you want without setting any limitations on it, and it is completely free.


Even though there are many third-party apps for downloading Instagram reels or music videos, finding the one that provides the best quality even after the download would be ideal. But, Snaptube is designed so that it is primarily made to serve this sole purpose.

It is easy to use, provides good security, and is relatively cost-efficient compared to other third-party apps. Therefore, after reading the above article, you now know how to use Snaptube to your advantage correctly.