Free PDF Merger Tools and Apps for Android Users in 2023

Free PDF Merger Tools and Apps for Android Users in 2023

PDF files today are not only being used on PCs but more commonly on mobile phones. It’s easier to manage if you combine a complete batch of PDF files or other documents into one big file especially if you frequently work with them.

With capabilities to easily combine, reorder, and bind multiple files, PDF merging tools and apps can speed up this procedure.

Here in this guide, we have mentioned the top PDF joiner tools and applications that you can easily use on your Android mobile. If you want to get rid of document clutter in your storage space, you have to make sure that you try any of the below-mentioned resources.

Out of hundreds of PDF joiner online tools and apps, we have handpicked the most powerful ones for your knowledge.

We have categorized this guide in two different sections. In the first section, we have mentioned the online tools and in the second one, we have listed the most popular Android apps for combining multiple PDFs.

Best PDF Joiner Online Tools for Android Mobiles

First, let us list some of the top-notch standalone tools you can use on your Android mobiles without any hassle.

The first standalone tool that can help you merge a complete batch of pdf files is the! This online pdf joiner is quite simple in its working.

You can merge pdf files without any prior experience with this online join pdf tool.

The tool can be used for joining PDF invoices, bills, agreements, deeds, assignments, and many other types of files which contain information/data that you want to keep safe.

To join pdf files, you have to follow these steps:

  • Upload PDF files from your local drive or cloud storage
  • Arrange the order of the files in which you want them to be joined in
  • Click on the “Merge Files” button and wait for the results.

manage files

In less than ten seconds, the tool would combine the PDF files into one which you can download without paying a single penny. This pdf joiner can be used by students, writers, researchers, and office managers from all across the globe.

Key Features of

  • Free to use
  • Unlimited file combining
  • No sign ups required
  • Secure to use
  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy sorting option
  • Multiple language access
  • Universal compatibility

You should check out this one if you are looking for a fast pdf merger tool.

The second most popular tool is The tool is designed in the simplest way possible for basic users. This pdf joiner tool is best for new as well as experienced users who want to join pdf files without any restrictions.

Here we have mentioned the steps that would teach you how to merge pdf files with this tool:

  • Open on your mobile browser
  • Drag and drop the pdf files in the input box
  • Arrange the files in the order you want
  • Click on the “Merge PDF” button

This tool can merge pdf files and save space on your device. By merging PDFs, you can easily manage your documents in an easier way. The best thing about face PDF is that it is easy to use and runs on all devices as long as they have a browser and a strong web connection.

These are the two popular pdf joiner tools that can be used on Android mobiles. You can use these tools as long as you have a web connection. You can easily download the pdf merger apps if you want to merge pdf files offline.

Best PDF Merger Apps for Android Phones

Here are some of the best apps that you can use to merge pdf files offline on your phone:

PDF Merge – Combine PDF Benzveen

If you want to merge pdf files offline, you can use this pdf joiner application. You can install this app for free on your Android mobile. With this application, you can easily join PDFs and PNG, JPG and WEBP files without any restrictions.

All you have to do is open the app on your mobile and upload the pdf files stored on your mobile. After uploading files, you can arrange them before combining them. You can access pdf files from your local as well as cloud storage drives while using this app.

Other than merging pdf files you can also use this app for converting, editing, and encrypting pdf files. The options you can enjoy with the app include:

  • Merge multiple pdf files into a single document
  • Convert image files to pdf
  • Lock pdf files with a password
  • Compress heaving pdf files for free
  • Convert web pages into pdf

For more details, you can download this application for free on your mobile!

Merge Multiple PDF Files – Tweenti Corp

If you are having trouble with managing pdf files on your mobile, you can install this application. You can merge multiple pdf files into one document in less than seconds. The pdf joining process is quite simple. You have to open the app, tap on the “Choose PDFs” option, and upload all files you want to merge.

You can select multiple pdf files from your phone’s local gallery and can easily arrange them in the order you want them to be joined in. The app can literally join pdf files in seconds with this app. Some features of this pdf merger app include:

  • Free to use
  • Simple interface
  • It can be used offline
  • Save merged files for free
  • No limitations

To enjoy hassle-free pdf merging, we would suggest you install this free and low-sized pdf joiner app.


Here in this guide, we have discussed two of the most popular pdf merger online tools and two of the top-rated android applications that you can use on your mobile. You can easily use these resources on your mobile and can easily join PDF files for free.

These tools and apps are quite easy to use and can help you merge hundreds of pdf files together. By merging PDFs together, you can enjoy easy document management, file sharing, printing, and much more.