Can you mix brands of subwoofers?

It is fine to mix and match different brands of subwoofers because there is no timbre matching with subwoofers. I would however avoid adding a second subwoofer if it is not on par sound quality wise with your first one.

Can I mix and match subwoofers?

As a general rule, we do not recommend mixing and matching different brands of speakers in a surround sound system. Even mixing different lines within a particular brand can present problems.

Can you mix different size subwoofers?

Technically, yes you can install two different sized subs in the same box. For example, let’s say you are making your own box and already have a 15” subwoofer and a 12” subwoofer.

Do dual subs have to match?

They need to be level matched and the weaker sub located closer to the listening position. Keep in mind there will be a performance gap and as long as you don’t push the klipsch to far, you will be OK.

Do subwoofers need to match speakers?

To the OP: It is not necessary to “match” a subwoofer with the speakers. The sub plays a different frequency range than the speakers, so there is no “timbre-matching” involved.

Can I put two different subwoofers in my car?

Can I Run Two Different Sized Subs in the Same Vehicle? | Car Audio Q & A

Can you mix 10 and 12 inch subs?

In short, no. When you mix subs that are so close in size they tend to sound unaccurate. You could probably get away with a 10 and a 15 or 18 if you set crossovers correctly but a 10 and 12 probably wouldnt work too well together.

Can you run a 10 and 12 subwoofer?

Banned. Generally speaking any two subs that are reasonably close in response will work better than either one alone, both in terms of total SPL and in smoothing room modes, though very seldom as well as a matched pair.

Can you stack subwoofers?

What Stacking Subwoofers Does. The only benefit to stacking subwoofers is simple – greater output. When you put one subwoofer on top of the other, you effectively increase the output (volume). In your room, that equates to about a 6dB increase in volume.

Can you mix speaker brands in a car?

It’s also very essential that you use the same brand sets inside your car to get the best effects. Mixing brands and types of car speaker brands will cause a distortion in the sounds inside your car.

How can I make my subs louder?

How to Make Subwoofers Louder Without an Amplifier

  1. Put your subwoofer in a corner. Placing the subwoofer in a corner can provide up to six decibels of bass boost without the need for more amplification.
  2. Make sure the subwoofer is in phase with the rest of the system.
  3. Move the subwoofer to another location in the room.

Are 4 subwoofers better than 2?

Two, three, or even four properly positioned subwoofers can effectively cancel some, if not all room resonances. It will improve the overall bass performance, and it will expand the field of ideal listening spaces in the room.

Can you connect speakers of different brands?

Can You Connect Speakers From Different Brands? A surround sound system should not be mixed and matched with different speakers. It is possible to have problems with mixing different brands. In any case, we recommend sticking to the same brand and series for all your speakers, even if they differ in price.

Do speakers need to be same brand?

Most surround-sound enthusiasts agree it is not necessary to have the same speaker type or even brand when setting up your system, so you can feel comfortable using different speakers in the channel array. It really comes down to sound quality.

Is it better to have 1 or 2 subs?

The answer to this question is typically yes, assuming you’re comparing one vs. two subs of the exact same brand and model #. In almost all circumstances, installing multiple subwoofers in your theater room will yield significantly better and smoother bass response across a wider listening area due to modal averaging.

How do you wire two subs?

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How many subwoofers do I need?

Most home theaters, if they have surround sound at all, typically use a single subwoofer to reproduce bass frequencies. Many experts recommend at least two, and some bass fanatics really go crazy with multiple heavy-duty subs.

Are 15 inch subs louder than 12?

The answer to the question of whether 15 inch subwoofers have better base than 12 inch subs is not an easy one to answer. The fact is, “better” is a personal opinion. 15 inch subwoofers are larger and displace more air than 12 inch subwoofers do, so the 12 in will have a crisper, sharper sound than the larger ones.

What sounds better 10s or 12s?

This is the number one thing to consider if you are deciding between 10s and 12s. The 12-inch subwoofers handle more power, they play louder, they are boomier, and many people find that they just sound better.

What size subwoofer hits hardest?

What size subwoofer hits the hardest? 15 inch subwoofers will hit the hardest. Since they are so big they will deliver the deepest bass and also you need a big car to house one because they take up a lot of space typically they are installed in large trucks and SUV’s.

What size subwoofer is best for bass?

A 12-inch subwoofer is known for generating extra bass production with decent bass response Overall the sound quality is not sacrificed, but if you are playing your sub at peak power your system will suffer. It is always recommended to use the RMS Wattage to best utilize your woofer.

What brand of subwoofer is the best?

What brand of subwoofer is the best?

  1. 1 Rockford Fosgate P300.
  2. 2 MTX Audio Terminator Series TNE212D.
  3. 3 JL Audio 10W6v3-D4 10″ 600W Dual 4-Ohm Car Subwoofer.
  4. 4 Orion HCCA12 12″ Car Subwoofer 2000 Watts.
  5. 5 Rockville RVB12.
  6. 6 Kicker 44DCWC122 12″ 1200W Car Audio Subwoofer.
  7. 7 Dual Electronics BP1204.
  8. 8 Rockville RWS12CA.

Where is the best place to place a subwoofer?

A subwoofer placed in the corner of a room may increase the subwoofer’s output – causing the sub to sound louder. Try placing your subwoofer in a corner and see how it sounds. However, depending on your floor space, a corner might not be a viable option for your subwoofer if it’s too far from your listening area.

Does the QSC KW181 have a crossover?

The KW181 has a low pass filter that it uses internally and QSC states the frequency response to be 38 – 124 Hz. The KW 181 does not have a crossover or high pass filter for routing mid/high audio to the tops.



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