You Asked: Is optical louder than AUX?

After eventually getting audio to function through both an aux wire and an optical connection, I was surprised to discover that the aux cable has higher quality and is much louder than the optical line, which is plainly the reverse of what it should be.

Is optical sound better than AUX?

Advantages of Optical Input Even though there is not much difference in the audio quality, it is supported by most modern home theaters. When you use optical input with a surround sound system, the result is better than AUX input. It does not require any complex wiring so that the audio quality will not be compromised.

Is a 3.5 mm jack better than optical?

Thus, you must ensure that the 3.5mm cable you’re buying is of premium quality. Another difference is that 3.5mm cables only transmit analog stereo or mono sound while optical cables transmit digital audio sound. Thus, optical cables transmit higher quality audio than 3.5mm cables.

Is optical an AUX?

Though they are both commonly used in speakers and transmit audio, the ways they work are entirely different. This difference comes down, in part, to their connectivity: optical is digital and aux is analog.

Can you control volume with an optical cable?

As long as your soundbar is connected to your TV with either an optical cable or HDMI via ARC, you can control the volume and mute the soundbar using your Samsung TV’s remote.

Are optical cables fragile?

The glass core in a fiber optic cable is fragile. It is slightly thicker than human hair but made of glass (more rarely a plastic material may be used for multi-mode). Manufacturers have been able to design and manufacture the core material to be somewhat elastic and resilient to bending.

Is optical better than Bluetooth?

Bluetooth transmission depends on the bandwidth of the radio transfer technology, hence the need for signal compression. Whereas for optical audio, there is no compression of the signal. Therefore, optical audio quality will be better than Bluetooth audio as compression introduces some losses.

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Is AUX good for soundbar?

You can use AUX, but it’s not the best solution for many soundbars. AUX only supports 2.1 channels of audio, while digital optical supports 5.1 channels, and HDMI can support over 7.1 channels of audio. AUX (analog connection) will never be as good as Digital Optical or HDMI (digital connection).

Are all-optical cords the same?

All-optical cables are the same. Don’t pay a premium for any fancy glass cables. A cheap, but properly made plastic cable has better durability. Optical cables don’t need to be shielded so don’t buy into any claims about shielding.

Is optical better than RCA audio?

The Most Talked About Cables Around Meanwhile, RCA cables are associated with analog signals. This is why optical cables offer superior sound quality and HDMI offers superior video and sound quality to RCA.

How do I connect my optical to aux?

Does optical audio have volume?

The optical output of the TV is fixed level so the TV remote cannot control it. You have to use the HTS remote for volume. A universal remote such as a Logitech Harmony would allow you to use one remote to control both the TV and HTS.

Can you control volume through optical cable LG?

You can adjust the volume with the LG TV remote control if the TV is connected to the product with an optical cable. You can only do so on a TV that supports the LG TV Sound Sync function. Check your TV’s user manual to see if your TV is supported.

Can optical do Atmos?

Optical cables don’t carry Atmos, however. Connecting a source like Blu-ray directly to the receiver/soundbar has another benefit: Doly Atmos, Dolby True HD and DTS Master Audio. If you have an older TV these higher-fidelity formats can’t be sent over ARC.

Is optical better than AUX Reddit?

Optical would give you better quality, so if you can, use it. It will reduce the noise coming from your computer. No. It might reduce noise if noise is present.

Does optical cable carry surround sound?

Audio. Fiber optical cables support surround sound with up to 5.1 channels. While HDMI supports Dolby Digital Plus, TrueHD formats, and DTS HD. Almost all television programming gets broadcast in surround sound but there are many Blu-ray discs offering enhanced sound quality.

Does the optical cable matter?

When it comes to optical audio cables, the audio cable quality does not really matter since the sound you get from the optical audio cables is the same regardless of the quality you pick. The durability of the optical cable, on the other hand, is one of the factors that will have an impact on the audio quality.

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