Why won’t my DJI controller connect?

Disconnect and reconnect the Micro USB cable (from the mobile phone and the remote controller). Wait 10 seconds before reconnecting the Micro USB cable. 2. Restart the remote controller.

How do I connect my DJI Mavic Pro to my controller?

Connect the remote controller and the mobile device with a USB cable. Power on the remote controller and the aircraft. Launch the DJI Go app, enter camera, select linking RC and press the link button on the Mavic.

How do I reset my Mavic Pro controller?

In the DJI Assistant 2 app, select your remote control under Connected Devices. Below the Firmware List click Restore Factory Defaults. Click Confirm to start the factory reset process. Click Complete.

Why wont my DJI Mavic connect?

Ensure that your remote controller and aircraft are both updated to the latest firmware. Check the controller’s firmware on the DJI GO 4 app and the aircraft’s firmware on DJI Assistance 2. If this does not solve the problem please visit our website https://www.dji.com/support to receive further assistance.

Why is my drone not responding to my controller?

In simple terms, if your drone is not pairing with your controller, you should: Make sure both batteries have got enough charge in them. Switch the batteries with new ones. Pair the controller correctly to the drone using the correct procedure.

How do I reset my DJI controller?

How to reset DJI controller with DJI assistant

  1. Open DJI Assistant 2 app.
  2. select your remote control under Connected Devices.
  3. Below the Firmware List click “Restore Factory Defaults”
  4. Click Confirm to start the factory reset process.
  5. Click Complete.

How do I connect my DJI drone to my controller?

Connect the controller to the drone using the DJI Fly app

Press it and go to the Settings icon. Select the Control tab and Connect to Aircraft, which is at the bottom of the screen. The drone should now be ready to connect to the controller once the LED lights begin flashing.

How do I connect my drone to my controller?

Launch the operating app for the drone, tap enter device, then camera view, and select the remote control settings to link. Press and hold the function button, then release it. The drone will beep, and when the linking is successful, both the drone and the controller will produce a green light.

How do I connect my drone to my DJI controller?

Press and hold the flight pause button, function button and customizable button simultaneously. Release the buttons when the remote controller makes a beeping sound. Then the remote controller starts the linking process. Ensure the remote controller is within 20cm (0.66ft) of the aircraft during linking.

How do I sync my DJI Mavic mini controller?

DJI Mavic Mini: How To Connect To Remote Controller

  1. Linking thought DJI Fly App. Click ‘Connect’ on the main home screen of the DJI Fly App.
  2. Tap ‘Settings’ icon.
  3. Select ‘Control’
  4. Choose ‘Connect to Aircraft’
  5. Hold down aircraft power button for four seconds.

Why does my Mavic Pro keep disconnecting?

Cables Causing Mavic Pro Disconnected Issue

Check the micro USB cable going from your smartphone or tablet to the RC. The cable could have come loose at either end. Also try a replacement micro USB cable as they can break or become frayed over time. They can even be faulty from the factory.

How do I connect my Mavic Pro Platinum controller?

  1. Switch your aircraft to Wi-Fi mode then turn ON your Mavic Pro Platinum.
  2. Open Wi-Fi settings on your iOS or Android smartphone. Find your device and tap to connect.
  3. If connection is successful open the app and wait for connection. Your device model will appear on the top of the screen.

How to link DJI mavic air to the remote controller?

Mavic Air 2 | How to Link the Remote Controller

Can’t connect to drone WIFI?

If your drone’s WIFI does not connect to your mobile phone, try resetting your drones WIFI. Do this on the DJI by holding down the power button for 9 seconds until you hear three beeps. The WIFI should then reset, then the drone’s two front lights will turn green. Now try to reconnect with your phone again.

How do I sync DJI Mavic?

How to Link DJI Mavic Pro Remote Controller

Why isn’t my drone working?

Some reasons drones may not take off are due to issues with the power supply, propeller positioning, compass calibration, or the flight location. Other cases are more complex, and relate to the drone’s inner workings. These cases may require professional intervention to be fixed.

How do I reset my DJI FPV drone?

Press and hold the drone’s power button for 9 secs.

  1. Open the DJI Assistant program.
  2. Make sure to have Firmware Update (1) selected, and then click on RESTORE FACTORY DEFAULTS (2).
  3. There will be a confirmation screen, click on CONFIRM.
  4. When it is done, click on COMPLETE.

How do I clear the cache on my DJI smart controller?

To access your storage menu in the DJI Go 4 app, click on the settings three dots, under “General Settings” you can see the video cache settings. You can select to “Clear Video Cache” here and free up a lot more space on your device.

How do I turn on my DJI remote?

To turn on your DJI FPV controller, quick press, then press and hold down the power button located in the middle of the controller, slightly offset to the right. You will see the battery LED indicator lights flash, showing you that the controller has powered on.

How do you connect a drone transmitter?

Learn To Build a Racing Drone – Setup Transmitter and Bind Receiver

How do I connect my drone to WIFI?

To connect your drone to your smart device using wifi:

  1. Turn on the drone.
  2. Make sure wifi is enabled on your device.
  3. In your devices settings, find the drone.
  4. Select your drone and choose to “connect”.
  5. Close out of your device settings and open the Helix Sentinel app.