What is the mean of Extend?

extend, lengthen, prolong, protract mean to draw out or add to so as to increase in length. extend and lengthen imply a drawing out in space or time but extend may also imply increase in width, scope, area, or range.

What is extend example?

To extend is defined as to make something longer or wider, to make something last longer or to make an offer. An example of extend is when you reach your hand high in the air or stretch out your leg. An example of extend is when you lengthen a movie from one hour to two.

Why does extend mean?

to increase the length or duration of; lengthen; prolong: to extend a visit. to stretch out in various or all directions; expand; spread out in area: A huge tent was extended over the field.

How do you use extend?

extend something to something

We extended the antenna to its full length. Extend your arm to the wall and see how straight you can make it. 2. to push a stated deadline further into the future. I will extend the deadline to Friday.

Has extended meaning?

Something that is extended has been fully stretched out or elongated. An extended period of time is an extremely long period of time. To extend something is to make it longer, either physically or in terms of time. Anything extended has been stretched out in this way.

What is extend in Java?

The extends keyword extends a class (indicates that a class is inherited from another class). In Java, it is possible to inherit attributes and methods from one class to another. We group the “inheritance concept” into two categories: subclass (child) – the class that inherits from another class.

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How do I extend a word?

How to extend a word? A word is said to be extensible if it is possible to add / join one or more letters to the beginning or to the end of the word in order to create a new one, present in the chosen dictionary. Word Extension is a technique used at Scrabble, it is even the main technique in its Wordox variant.

Would like to extend meaning?

to offer or give something to someone: I should like to extend my thanks to you for your kindness.

What is extend in Python?

The extend() method adds the specified list elements (or any iterable) to the end of the current list.

What part of speech is extend?

EXTEND (verb) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

What is the nearest meaning of Extend?

Some common synonyms of extend are lengthen, prolong, and protract. While all these words mean “to draw out or add to so as to increase in length,” extend and lengthen imply a drawing out in space or time but extend may also imply increase in width, scope, area, or range.

What does extend an offer mean?

It means the job is yours. Could be before or after an offer is made but after accepting the job it’s a confirmation that your position is active for you nobody else.

What is extend command?

The extend command is used to extend the selected boundaries or edges. The objects are extended so that the edges of other objects can be converged.

What is the adjective of Extend?

extended. Longer in length or extension; elongated. Stretched out or pulled out; expanded. Lasting longer; protracted.

What is the past tense of Extend?

past tense of extend is extended.

What’s the opposite of extended?

What is the opposite of extended?


What does it mean to extend yourself?

Definition of extend oneself

: to do things that require effort She’s always willing to extend herself for others. an actor who extends himself by choosing difficult roles.

What does Extends mean in Javascript?

Definition and Usage

The extends keyword is used to create a child class of another class (parent). The child class inherits all the methods from another class. Inheritance is useful for code reusability: reuse properties and methods of an existing class when you create a new class.

What is implement and extends in Java?

Difference: implements means you are using the elements of a Java Interface in your class. extends means that you are creating a subclass of the base class you are extending. You can only extend one class in your child class, but you can implement as many interfaces as you would like.

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What is the difference between extends and implements keyword give an example?

The keyword extends is used when a class wants to inherit all the properties from another class or an interface that wants to inherit an interface. We use the implements keyword when we want a class to implement an interface.

What does it mean to extend something to someone?

To spread or continue to some area or point.

What is extend in Python with example?

The list extend() is a built-in Python method that adds the specified list elements (or any iterable) to the end of the current list. The list. extend() method takes an iterable as argument and does not return any value. For example, the extend() method appends the contents of seq to the list.

How do you extend a file in Python?

We can use Python os module splitext() function to get the file extension. This function splits the file path into a tuple having two values – root and extension.

How do you extend a string in Python?

“how to extend a string in python” Code Answer

  1. # Concatenation.
  2. string1 = “str”
  3. string2 = “ing”
  4. string3 = string1 + string2.
  5. # string3 is str + ing which is ‘string’
  6. # OR.
  7. print(string1 + string2) # prints ‘string’



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