What does a Pokeshell do in oxygen not included?

Pokeshells can be used to eat up polluted dirt emptied from outhouses to supply sand for deodorizer, serving as a medium for temporary clean oxygen solution in remote regions, or during early game.

How do I feed my Pokeshell Oxygen Not Included?

You want to either use a critter feeder to make sure the pokeshell can eat, or deliver polluted dirt to a storage container then disable storage (which will spit the pdirt onto the floor.

How do you tame critters in oxygen not included?

Critters (save for Pacus) are tamed by grooming them at a Grooming Station. Grooming a wild critter for two consecutive days will make it tame. Once tamed, a critter stays tamed. Eggs maintain the wild/tame status of their parent upon hatching.

What do you do if soil oxygen is not polluted?


  1. Polluted Dirt can be converted into Dirt inside a Compost.
  2. Sage Hatches can eat Polluted Dirt and excrete Coal.
  3. Pokeshells can eat Polluted Dirt and excrete Sand.
  4. A sublimation station converts Polluted Dirt to Polluted Oxygen.

What is ethanol used for in oxygen not included?

Ethanol is a liquid fuel refined from Lumber. It also appears naturally in Rust Biome. It can be used as a Power source.

How much space does Pokeshell need?


Temp. Livable Range-30 to 100 °C
Space Required12
Lay an egg every3600 s
Pokeshell Molt+1

How do you make sand Oni?


  1. Like sandstone, most of the sand generated in the game is found in the Temperate Biome. Sizable sand deposits can be occasionally found in the Caustic Biome. Oasisse Asteroid contains lots of hot Sand.
  2. Rock Crusher can break Salt and various rocks into Sand. Renewable sources include:

How do you farm hatches?

Efficient Hatch Farm Tutorial [Oxygen Not Included]

What do you do with critters in oxygen not included?

Critters are aliens that lay eggs and some species produce materials and/or drop meat when dying. Ranching can be used to increase the number of critters, eggs, and materials. Some critters have different morphs which consume different foods, live at different temperatures, or produce different products.

How are wrangle critters Oxygen Not Included?

To move a tame critter from a room to another you need two drop-offs one in the room filled and another in the new room. Click the auto wrangle function and deselect either everything or just the critters you want out. A dupe will come and tie them up.

How is oxygen not included in Compost?

Plumbing & Compost | Let’s Play Oxygen Not Included Gameplay

How do you transfer polluted soil to Compost?

Polluted Dirt goes into the Compost building, under the Refinement tab. You unlock Compost places by researching “Basic Farming”.

How do you make super coolant Oxygen Not Included?

Production. It is made in the Molecular Forge. 1 kg Fullerene + 49.5 kg Gold + 49.5 kg Petroleum = 100 kg Super Coolant. As such it can only be made after space travel and bringing back Fullerene from a Destination which holds it.

How do you make liquid oxygen Oni?

Liquid Oxygen is produced by cooling down Oxygen to -185.96 °C (liquefaction point – 3 °C). This generally involves use of Super Coolant, or can be done less efficiently with cold Hydrogen gas.

Where can I buy lumber Oxygen Not Included?

Lumber is grown from arbor trees. These spawn naturally in some maps but not all. If you don’t have them you will have to hope one spawns in the printer, or perhaps you can find some later by sending rockets to other planets.

What do I do with regolith Oxygen Not Included?


  1. Regolith can be used in Water Sieve to filter Polluted Water into Water. 5 kg/s Polluted Water + 1 kg/s Sand or Regolith = 5 kg/s Water + 200 g/s Polluted Dirt.
  2. Regolith can be used in Deodorizer to filter Polluted Oxygen into Oxygen.
  3. Shove Voles can eat Regolith and excrete Regolith tile with half mass.

How do you get dirt without oxygen?


  1. Dirt occurs naturally in the Temperate Biome and Forest Biome.
  2. Compost converts Polluted Dirt (and other compostables) into Dirt at 100% efficiency (but generates a significant amount of waste heat).
  3. Boiling Polluted Water into Steam will leave small amounts of Dirt behind (1% of mass).

How do you make clay without oxygen?

Deodorizers produce Clay as a byproduct. 100 g/s Polluted Oxygen + 133.33 g/s Sand or Regolith = 90 g/s Oxygen + 143.33 g/s Clay.

How do you farm hatch Oxygen Not Included?

Hatch Ranching Early to Late game : Tutorial nuggets

How do you feed Hatch Oxygen Not Included?

They consume primarily mineral materials such as Igneous Rock. They also consume some Raw Metals, such as Copper Ore or Iron Ore, producing an equal volume of coal in exchange. If fed Copper Ore, Gold Amalgam, Iron Ore, or Wolframite the Stone Hatch has an increased chance of producing a Smooth Hatch egg.

What do I do with Hatch Oxygen Not Included?

Producing Coal and Refined Metal with Hatches in Oxygen Not Included

  1. Standard Hatches eat raw minerals and food and excrete coal at 50% of consumed mass.
  2. Sage Hatches eat raw minerals and organic material and excrete coal at 100% of consumed mass.