What can you do with Sour gas and not oxygen?

Usage. The only thing that can be done with Sour gas is to cool it. When cooled to -163.5 °C; 67% of its mass becomes Methane and 33% becomes Sulfur. If Methane is reheated it becomes Natural Gas.

What is a Sour gas boiler Oni?

In the heating chamber (at the door) it is heated above 539°C and turns into Sour gas. It is then cooled in the heat exchanger, to 0°C (approximately). In the gas Airflow tile, the gas cools below -162°ะก, condenses into methane, which is forced out through the tile into the chamber with pumps.

How do you use Sour gas?

MAGIC SULFUR! Steel or less Sour Gas Boiler Experiment. Oxygen Not …

What is Sour gas and sweet gas?

The key difference between sweet and sour natural gas is that sweet natural gas contains trace amounts of hydrogen sulfide, whereas sour natural gas contains large amounts of hydrogen sulfide.

How do you get Sulfur oxygen not included?

Production. When cooling down Sour Gas to -163.5 °C (condensation point -2 °C), it will turn into Methane (67% mass) and Sulfur (33% mass). , where it can be sourced from Sulfur geysers and mined by duplicants.

How do you get Natural Gas without oxygen?

Production. Natural Gas Geysers are the main source of Natural Gas. Oil Refinery produces 90 g/s Natural Gas by refining Crude Oil to Petroleum. Oil Well produces 33.3 g/s of Natural Gas alongside Crude Oil.

How is oxygen not used in an oil well?

Oil Well : Tutorial nuggets : Oxygen not included

How do you get crude oil in oxygen not included?

Occurrences. Crude oil can be found in the Oil Biome, which is located above the Volcanic Biome on the bottom of the map. It can also be extracted from an untapped Oil Reservoir by constructing an Oil Well over it. It stacks up to 870 kg/tile when not pressurized.

How do you get petroleum in oxygen not included?

Petroleum can be obtained from Crude Oil using an Oil Refinery with 50 % efficiency: 10 kg/s Crude Oil = 5 kg/s Petroleum + 90 g/s Natural Gas.

How do you cool sour gas?

The Mid-Game Sour Gas Boiler-Condenser [Oxygen Not …

What can you do without hydrogen oxygen?


  1. It can be burned in the Hydrogen Generator to produce 800 W of power.
  2. It can be condensed into Liquid Hydrogen to serve as a rocket fuel for Hydrogen Engine, the most powerful type of rocket-engine.
  3. It can be stockpiled and utilized as heat transfer agent due to its high thermal parameters.

Can acid gas?

The most straightforward definition of an acid gas is any gaseous compound which, when dissolved in water, will form an acidic solution.

Is sour gas toxic?

H2S gas is also widely referred to as sewer gas, sour gas, stink damp, or hydrosulphuric acid. H2S gas is extremely poisonous to humans, corrosive, and very flammable. When it burns, H2S gas emits another deadly gas: sulfur dioxide, which has similar symptoms and outcomes to H2S gas exposure.

What is sour service?

Sour service describes a type of pipeline or storage vessel that is filled with substances that contain hydrogen sulfide (H2S) or sulfuric acid (H2SO4). In order for the service to be considered a sour service, the hydrogen sulfide levels must be above a certain threshold.

What is a sour gas well?

What is a critical sour well? A critical sour well is a sour gas well that could potentially release large quantities of hydrogen sulphide (H2S), causing significant harm to nearby people.

How do you make super coolant Oxygen Not Included?

Production. It is made in the Molecular Forge. 1 kg Fullerene + 49.5 kg Gold + 49.5 kg Petroleum = 100 kg Super Coolant. As such it can only be made after space travel and bringing back Fullerene from a Destination which holds it.

Where is Oil Reservoir Oxygen Not Included?

Oil Reservoir is found in the Oil Biome and produce Crude Oil and Natural Gas when an Oil Well is placed on top of them. Oil Reservoirs will not produce oil otherwise. There are one to three of them per world, however more can spawn if the world has the World Traits for trapped oil or irregular oil.

Where is oil biome Oxygen Not Included?

Oil Biome. It is located right above the volcanic biome. The temperature is ~80 °C (on the top) and up to 380 °C (on the bottom). It contains Crude Oil, Oil Reservoirs, veins of Diamond, Granite, Lead and Iron Ore and pockets of Natural Gas and Carbon Dioxide.

What is ethanol used for in oxygen not included?

Ethanol is a liquid fuel refined from Lumber. It also appears naturally in Rust Biome. It can be used as a Power source.

How is coal not included in oxygen?

Coal is a renewable resource if produced via Hatch ranching, as Hatches can be fed with renewable resources.

How do you make steel not oxygen?

Production. Metal Refinery can produce Steel. The recipe will appear after either Iron, Refined Carbon or Lime is discovered. 70 kg Iron + 20 kg Refined Carbon + 10 kg Lime = 100 kg Steel.

What if there is no chlorine in oxygen?

Fortunately for players, chlorine can be used to combat Slimelung. To do this, either fill a slime room with chlorine and prevent the germ from ever occurring or bathe your infected items in a room filled with chlorine. Like food, the items can be stored there indefinitely and never become infected.

How is ranch Oxygen Not Included?


  1. All ranching related errands require a duplicant with the Critter Ranching skill, same for supplying Critter Feeders and Fish Feeders, and moving already wrangled critters to a Critter Drop-Off or Fish Release.
  2. Wild critters do not need to be fed, same for pacus, who are tamed via feeding.

Is Petroleum naturally occurring?

Petroleum is a naturally occurring liquid found beneath the earth’s surface that can be refined into fuel. Petroleum is a fossil fuel, meaning that it has been created by the decomposition of organic matter over millions of years.

How is refined metal not included in oxygen?

Metal Ore can be refined using either the Rock Crusher or the Metal Refinery. The Rock Crusher is only 50% efficient at converting raw ore into refined metal (converting the other 50% of the raw ore into sand) whereas the Metal Refinery is 100% efficient.