What can I use to clean my monitor?

Cleaning procedures

Using abrasive pads, paper towels, or cloth towels can scratch and damage the screen. To clean your monitor, we recommend only using a soft microfiber cleaning cloth and distilled or still water. Other types of water can contain minerals that may leave a residue on the screen’s surface.

Can I use window cleaner on my monitor?

Don’t use glass cleaner when cleaning TV screens, computer monitors, and other electronic devices with plastic screen, since it can damage the surface. Instead use either special LCD cleaning wipes, or a microfiber cloth dampened with water.

How do you clean a monitor without damaging it?

The safest way to clean a computer screen is to wipe it with a microfiber cloth that’s been moistened with water. Never spray a cleaning solution directly onto the screen, as the liquid may drip inside your device and cause damage.

Is it safe to clean monitor with alcohol?

First off, avoid corrosive substances! That means no alcohol- or ammonia-based cleaners (like diluted rubbing alcohol or Windex). These cleaners can damage your screen by stripping anti-reflective coatings, cause clouding, or worse.

Is Windex safe for electronics?

Q: Can I use Windex® products to clean screens and electronic devices? A: Windex® Electronics Wipes are safe to use on television screens, laptops, computer screens, phones, and camera lenses. These wipes are safe and effective on removing fingerprints, dust and grime without damaging the screen.

Can I use Windex to clean electronics?

The ammonia in glass cleaners like Windex can permanently damage the screens on your electronic devices. That’s because many touch-sensitive screens have an oleophobic (oil-resistant) coating to help them resist smudging.

Can I use lens wipes on my monitor?

TIP for cleaning – You CAN use those glasses cleaning wet wipes to clean the monitor. Another tip – clean water is still probably better. These do not contain enough alcohol to damage 3m matte protective screen coatings found on most if not all screens.

How do you clean a monitor without microfiber?

If you do not have any microfiber, use a clean sock (preferably white). If you’re a photographer, you can use your lint-free lens wipes instead of a soft cotton cloth.

Can I use Windex on my Macbook screen?

Don’t use window cleaners, household cleaners, aerosol sprays, solvents, ammonia, abrasives, or cleaners containing hydrogen peroxide to clean the display. Don’t clean the screen of your display with a cleaner containing acetone. Use a cleaner intended for use with a screen or display.

Is 70% isopropyl alcohol safe for electronics?

Can I Use It to Clean My Devices? It’s best to avoid using any isopropyl mixture below 90% on circuit boards and other electrical bits. If you’re simply cleaning the adhesive off something metal or plastic, 70% might do in a pinch, but you’ll want to be sure not to spill it onto circuits or wires.

Can I clean my laptop screen with Windex?

If, and only if, you have a glass laptop screen, it’s safe to use Windex as a cleaner. Sturdier computers sometimes have a clear glass screen over the front of the display – much like a cell phone. A bit of Windex sprayed onto your microfiber cloth will certainly get the job done.

Is Windex safe for tablet screens?


Put that Windex down! Never use typical household cleaners like Windex, Lysol, or disinfectant wipes on your tablet screen. The abrasive qualities of these cleaners could actually wipe away the oleophobic coating that’s doing most of the work of protecting your tablet against smudges in the first place.