Is there a reset button on a TiVo box?

Resetting your TiVo Devices

Why did my TiVo stop working?

Check that all your cables are securely connected.

Also, check that the coax connection from your modem to the wall is secure. Good to know: If you’ve moved your TiVo box to a new outlet recently and it’s no longer connecting, the outlet may not be connected to your TiVo network.

How do you troubleshoot TiVo?

TiVo Troubleshooting

Why is my TiVo not starting up?

Restart or Powercycle your TiVo device. Test the wall outlet with another component or a lamp to make sure it works. If your TiVo device is plugged into a power surge strip, unplug it and reconnect your TiVo device power cord to a wall outlet.

How do I force restart my TiVo?

To restart the TiVo Roamio/Mini, go to TiVo Central screen and select ‘Settings & Messages,’ then ‘Help,’ then ‘Restart or Reset. ‘ Then select ‘Restart the TiVo box.

How do you unfreeze TiVo?

Unplug the network adapter or Ethernet cable from the back of the TiVo device, and then disconnect the power cord. Wait 15 seconds, and then connect the power cord again. You should see the ‘Welcome. Powering up… ‘ screen and your system will restart within a few minutes.

Why is my TiVo says no signal?

Make sure the coaxial cable is plugged securely into the CABLE connector (not the ANTENNA connector) on the back of the DVR. Make sure all the connections on the cables between the DVR and the TV are secure. Press Live TV and check for cable signal. If you do not see a TV signal, press the TiVo button and continue.

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Can TiVo be repaired?

TiVo Repair Flat-Fee Service For Standard Definition TiVo – One Price Fixes All TiVo Problems. Guaranteed. Under our flat-fee repair program, one price covers whatever is wrong with your TiVo. ** It also includes the cost of shipping from us back to you!

Why does my TV say TiVo service unavailable?

‘ MY BOX SAYS IT’S UNABLE TO CONNECT TO THE TIVO SERVICE. WHAT SHOULD I DO? If your TiVo box is having trouble connecting to the TiVo service, the problem might be in the connection of your TiVo box to your home network, or it might be in the connection of your home network to the Internet.

How do I test my TiVo connection?

All TiVo Unified Entertainment Systems and DVRs.Content.

TiVo SeriesMenu path from TiVo Central
TiVo Premiere (SD & HD) Series 3 & earlierSettings & Messages > Settings > Network > View network diagnostics > Test Internet connection

What do lights on TiVo mean?

Front of the Tivo box

Turns the TiVo box on or puts it into standby. The green light indicates that the box is on. The red light indicated that the box is in standby. Online LED. When lit it shows your box has access to On Demand and Apps.

Why are all 3 lights flashing on my TiVo box?

If all lights flash and do not stop flashing, that’s most almost definitely a failed hard drive. If all lights flash, Replacement hard drive kit or TiVo Repair Service, including possible data recovery (saving your recorded programs and OnePass options).

What does blue light on TiVo box mean?

These red circles are for future recordings; the red light on the front of the TiVo will not be on.Content.

GreenPower is on
RedRecording in progress
BlueTransfer or download in progress Light flashes when a transfer is interrupted. See General Network Troubleshooting Tips.

How long does it take for a TiVo box to start up?

All of the Virgin boxes need only a few seconds to startup. When you press the power-on button from the back of the VM box, you can see the amber light for 3 seconds and then you can witness the start-up screen on your TV or any other display device.

How do I restart my TiVo 4k?

How To Reboot/Restart Tivo Stream 4K

Why is my TiVo mini not working?

Restart or Powercycle your host DVR, TiVo Mini, and your network devices (modem, router, MoCA adapters), and make sure all network connections are secure. 4. Leave the TiVo Mini unplugged while host DVR and network is rebooting.

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How do I reset my TiVo remote?

Press the TiVo button and the TV Power button simultaneously until the light at the end of the remote comes on. 3. Press Thumbs Down 3 times, followed by Enter. The remote light should go out.

Why does TiVo keep freezing?

The most common cause for this problem is a bad hard drive, but depending on your TiVo model, it can also be caused by other problems. In some TiVo models, you can run a TiVo hard drive test to test your hard drive from within the TiVo.

What do you do if your TV freezes?


  1. Check the Connections. (i). Unplug the HDMI cable from your smart TV. (ii). Wait for about 30 to 60 seconds. (iii). Plug the HDMI/AV cable back to the smart TV. (iv). Wait for your signal to come back. (v). Done.
  2. Unplug all connected cables when not in use.

How do I get my channels back on my TiVo box?

Mar 4, 2022•Knowledge

  1. Check your Guide Options to ensure that all of the channels that you receive are being displayed.
  2. If you cannot find the channel in the TiVo Live Guide, navigate to the Channel List:
  3. Use the Arrows and Select button to toggle a check mark next to any channel that you receive.

Does my TiVo box need to be connected to the Internet?

Your TiVo box needs a high-speed Internet connection to receive program listings, TiVo® service updates, and on-demand content. The type of network connection you choose will depend on what you want to do with your TiVo box(es), and whether it’s possible to connect an Ethernet cable to your TiVo box(es).

How do I connect to TiVo service?

See also, How to Restart or Powercycle a TiVo Device.Content.

TiVo SeriesMenu path from TiVo Central
TiVo BOLT TiVo Roamio TiVo MiniSettings & Messages > Network Settings > TiVo Service Connection
TiVo PremiereSettings & Messages > Settings > Network > Connect to the TiVo Service Now

How do I replace my TiVo hard drive?

Tivo Roamio DIY Fan And Hard Drive Replacement, Installed …

Can you put an SSD in a TiVo?

Having done the nuclear option, did Tivo detect and use the entire SSD available to it. I went from 500GB to 1TB.

How do I know if my TiVo has lifetime service?

Scroll down to the line labeled “TiVo Service Account Status.” A TiVo with a lifetime subscription will display “5: Product Lifetime Service.” Any other message indicates the unit does not have lifetime subscription enabled.

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How do I activate my TiVo?

Go to, and sign in with your username and password. The following screen will be displayed….Activate TiVo Stream 4K

  1. Enter the activation code.
  2. Enter the letters and/or numbers displayed in the white “Captcha” box.
  3. Agree to the User Agreement and Privacy Policy.



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