Is the Match website down? is UP and reachable by us.

Why can’t I access my Match account?

If you still can’t log in, you can change your password by clicking ‘login’ then ‘forgot your password? ‘. Enter the email address linked to your Match account and click OK. We’ll send you an email to reset your password.

Is match com still in business? is one of the biggest and best-known online dating sites in the United States. It has been helping singles find partners since 1995, it now serves people in over 24 countries with sites in 15 different languages.

Can you get banned from match com?

Match has a zero-tolerance policy on predatory behavior of any kind. Anyone attempting to get other users’ private information for fraudulent or illegal activity may be banned.

What is the phone number for match com?

Any DMCA Takedown Notices should be sent to, by phone to 214-576-3272 or via mail to the following address: Copyright Compliance Department c/o Match Group Legal, 8750 N. Central Expressway, Dallas, Texas 75231.

Why is match com blocked?

If you break the terms of use of, you will receive a block on your account. If has made a mistake or you have an explanation for your actions, they may take the block off of the account.

Can I reactivate my match com account?

Depending on how your account was closed, you may be taken to a screen that asks if you would like to reactivate your account. Reactivating will simply give you access to your free membership benefits and will not cause your account to be charged.

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Why is match com rejecting my email?

Email addresses can only be associated with one Match account. If you get a registration error saying that the email address you’ve entered cannot be used, it’s because it’s already attached to an existing account. Enter your email address here so we can remind you about your account information.

Does anyone use match com anymore?

In fact, about 200,000 people a year find love on this well-respected dating site (and companion app). If you’re looking for a long term relationship with a genuine person, you can trust to present you with the best quality matches in one of the largest dating sites in the world.

Which is better match com or eHarmony?

While Match comes with interesting standout features and with more affordable memberships — we believe eHarmony is the winner here. Its unique matching system alone has the power to match you with someone who shares the same goals and values, and statistically, it’s responsible for countless marriages in the U.S.

What is best dating site for over 50?

Top 9 Dating Sites For Seniors 50 And Over Looking For Love

  1. eharmony.
  3. OkCupid.
  5. SilverSingles.
  6. SeniorMatch.
  7. Elite Singles.
  8. Zoosk.

What happens if someone reports me on match?

When you report a concern, it is completely anonymous. We never share your information with anyone else, and no members will ever know who reported the concern. We also don’t share the substance of why you are reporting them, so you can feel safe making the report.

What’s the best dating app?

The Best Dating Apps To Try In 2022, Based On What You’re Looking…

  • Quick list:
  • Best for quality interactions: Hinge.
  • Best for those looking for something specific: OKCupid.
  • Best for mature daters: Match.
  • Best for meetups and hookups: Tinder.
  • Best for kink: Feeld.
  • Best for women: Bumble.
  • Best for queer women: Her.

What does blacklist a member on match mean?

If you block someone on Match, your emails disappear, you no longer show up in their search results and they are no longer able to see when you are online.

How do I get a hold of match com?®

If you have a customer care issue, please contact Match Customer Care at 1-800-92-MATCH (1-800-926-2824) or visit the Customer Care here.

Does Match have live chat?

Match has your back with Vibe Check, a new live video feature that lets users chat right from the app. Once you’ve connected and started a conversation with someone, a video icon will appear at the bottom of your messages; after agreeing to the terms and conditions, you may request a Vibe Check.

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Can you call on Match? Lets Online Daters Call or Text Message Without Revealing Their Phone Numbers. The popular online dating service gives subscribers virtual phone numbers they can use to call and text potential dates. Online dating is a competitive market.

How do I Unsuspend my Match account?

You can stop your subscription by going to ‘Manage My Subscription’. To the left of the screen, click ‘Help’ and then ‘Suspend my account. ‘ To finalize, click ‘Suspend my account. ‘

Does match COM block IP addresses?

You need to find the right IP address if your goal is to find your perfect match. The app Match has no use for a VPN. Because of its limited number of IP addresses, it is the least able to be blocked. With a VPN, you will be sharing all those IP addresses, which will every other be blocked.

How do I get a refund from match com?

Request a Match Refund By Calling Customer Service

Reach out to Match’s customer service by dialing 800-326-5161. Inform them that you have canceled your subscription and want to request a refund. Since Match has over 9.9 million paid users, don’t be surprised if you are stuck on hold for a long time.

Does Match delete inactive accounts?

Because Match gives no indication that it will ever delete a profile due to inactivity, if you want to keep your account private, do not rely on Match to delete your account.

How do I reactivate my suspended Match account?

To reactivate your Match account, first go to the Match website and sign in. Then, click on the “My Account” tab and select “Deactivate Your Account.” On the following page, click on the “Reactivate Your Account” button and follow the instructions.

Do Match accounts expire?

Once your subscription term ends, you won’t be able to receive and respond to Messages anymore, but you’ll still be able to sign in to your account. Your profile and photos will remain visible, unless you choose to manually Hide them.

How do I contact match UK?

Should you have any difficulties during the cancellation process, you can always call our Customer Care team. If you would like to delete your profile and remove your details from the site, please call our dedicated Customer Care team on 020 386 85 628.

What is the best dating site 2020?

What is the best dating site 2020?

  1. Eharmony – Best for Finding a Serious Relationship.
  2. Elite Singles – 85% of Members Are University Educated.
  3. – Best for Busy Professionals.
  4. SilverSingles – Best Over 50 Dating Website.
  5. Bumble – Best Casual Dating App.
  6. Hinge – Best New Dating App.
  7. AFF – Best Hookup Site.
  8. Seeking – Best Sugar Dating Site.
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Which dating site is best for serious relationships?

14 Best Dating Sites To Meet Someone Online For A Real Relationship in 2022

  • eHarmony. Meaningful connections.
  • Match. Lasting relationships.
  • Zoosk. Those who love travel.
  • FriendFinder. Mix of casual and serious.
  • Bumble. Best for women.
  • Hinge. Best for quick, serious matches.
  • OkCupid. Best for progressive dating.
  • The League.

What’s the Best dating app 2021?

What’s the Best dating app 2021?

  • Tinder (Android; iOS) (Image credit: Tinder)
  • Bumble (Android; iOS) (Image credit: Bumble)
  • OkCupid (Android; iOS) (Image credit: OkCupid)
  • (Android; iOS) (Image credit:
  • Grindr (Android; iOS) (Image credit: Grindr)
  • eharmony (Android; iOS)
  • 7. Facebook (Android, iOS)
  • Coffee Meets Bagel (Android; iOS)



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