How do you keep a bounce house inflated?

Because the inflatable is not air tight, you will need to keep the blower running continuously in order to keep your unit inflated. This is the nature of most inflatable bouncers and slides in the constant-air category, which are the high quality, durable inflatables.

Can you over inflate a bounce house?

You cannot over inflate a bounce house, and using a bigger blower isn’t going to hurt it. A larger blower will inflate your bounce house more quickly, and will make it more firm during operation. But for most bounce houses, larger blowers are just plain wasteful.

Does a bounce house need constant air?

All bounce houses and other inflatables need a constant flow of air because of all the seams the manufacturers use to create the pieces. While the moon bounce might be in perfect operating condition, air still manages to leak from the seams on even the newest of bounce houses.

How do you find a leak in an inflatable bounce house?

How to Check & Repair Air Leaks for your Inflatables

How long does it take for a bounce house to inflate?

An average inflatable jump house takes approximately 15 minutes to set up and 4-5 minutes to inflate depending on size of the jump units.

How do I adjust the blower on a bounce house?

How to Set-up

  1. Check ground for a flat level surface void of any rocks, sticks, pine cones, etc.
  2. Unroll the Inflatable in the direction you wish the Inflatable to face.
  3. Unfold and Attach the Blower(s) to the “Port” (extended air hose / blower tube).
  4. Close All Velcro / Zipper compartments.
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How long does a bounce house take to deflate?

Your Bounce House is Deflated! As you can see, it doesn’t take very long to deflate a bounce house. On average, you should be able to complete the full process in 5 to 15 minutes, depending on the size of the unit.

Can a bounce house be used in the rain?

Yes, bounce houses can get wet without causing damage to them. Most bounce houses are designed to handle small amounts of water, enough to clean them at least. If you’re not using a bounce house built for water, it’s probably not made for large amount of water. But a spray from the hose or a drizzle of rain won’t hurt.

Is a bouncy castle OK in the rain?

Bouncy Castles and inflatables are not recommended to be used in Rain, heavy winds or snow due to health and safety issues and damage to equipment so not only would it be putting users at risk of being injured it will also cause wear and tear on your bouncy castles and can cause damage.

Do inflatables use a lot of electricity?

8 Foot Inflatable – 76 Watts per hour x 12 hours = . 91 kWh per day. If used all 31 days of of December for 12 hours a day, this inflatable would add $3.39 to your electric bill. 12 Foot Inflatable – 85 Watts per hour x 12 hours = 1.02 kWh per day.

Does a bouncy castle use a lot of electricity?

A: The bouncy castle runs on a 750w motor, and therefore costs around 10p per hour to run.

Why does my inflatable pool keeps deflating?

Pool floats deflate due to changes in air temperature. When your float is left out in the hot sun, the air inside of your inflatable will expand. However, when you leave your float outdoors overnight, the opposite effect will take place, causing your inflatable to deflate.

How do you fix an inflatable air leak?

To begin your quick inflatable repair, deflate your item completely. Then, clean the small hole or tear with isopropyl alcohol. Step 2: Patch the leak. Patching a small leak or tear on your inflatable is simple with a quick-curing UV repair adhesive that bonds directly to the material.

How do you find an inflatable leak?

Pour water into the funnel, filling the inflatable toy with water. As the toy is filling, you may notice water leaking out of the toy. If you notice a leak, mark the area and continue filling with water. More than one air leak might be present, so it is important to completely fill the toy with water.

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How do you inflate a bouncer?


How long do inflatable water slides last?

Here are some things you should know before making your purchase: 1. How will your Inflatable Slide, Bouncer or Game be used?COMMERCIAL.

Residential vs. Commercial
About 6 months – 1 year About 3 years – 5 years
Limited Warranty, usually about 3 months 1.5 to 3 Year Warranty

How do you clean a dirty bounce house?

How To Clean & Disinfect Your Inflatable Bounce House

Why does my bounce house have a bubble?

When a blown baffle occurs in your inflatable (primarily seen in bounce houses) a bubble will form in the floor of your moonwalk. This is caused from the stitching of the internal baffle breaking or the material itself tearing. We can reinforce the torn area and restore the floor to its original shape.

Can you power wash a bounce house?

Yes, you can pressure wash a bounce house to clean it. Set the pressure washer to its lowest setting and be careful not get the pressure washer too close to the bounce house material.

Can you spray paint a bounce house?

You can spray paint inflatables to enhance their general outlook or change their appearance to suit your personal taste. There are numerous brands of paints in the market, giving you adequate choices depending on the size and fabric of your inflatable. The process of painting inflatables is quite straightforward.

How do you protect inflatables from rain?

Most inflatable yard decorations are made from durable, waterproof nylon or other synthetic materials, so they can resist rain. For best results, keep them out of low areas where puddles form. Keep them clean by avoiding locations where mud might splash on them when it rains.

Can you leave bouncy castle outside?

For safety reasons any inflatable sited outdoors must be sited on a reasonably flat, grassed area (slight slopes are acceptable) so that it can be staked to the ground. The site area needs to be free from stones, sharp objects, dog mess and excessive mud.

Can you put a bouncy castle on uneven ground?

This depends on the slope, If its is just a small gradient then yes but the front opening of the bouncy castle / inflatable has to be at the top of the slope.

Can you use bouncy castle in winter?

In cold weather, due to the type of material the bouncy castle is made out of the bouncy castle can become very cold which makes it very uncomfortable and unpleasant for the children. Its unlikely they would stay on the bouncy castle for more than 30 minutes.

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