How do I connect to eaglesoft server?

Set Eaglesoft to Connect to Server’s Static IP

  1. Select the Window’s Start button | type technical reference | Open Technical Reference.
  2. Select Database Setup.
  3. In the TCPIP box, type Host=Server IP Address.
  4. In the Client WCF Host box, type in the Server IP Address.

How do I restart my Patterson server?

Database Server Engine – Starting and Stopping

  1. Double Click the Patterson Server Icon in the System Tray.
  2. Select Start Server in the bottom left Corner of the Patterson Server Status Window.
  3. Ensure all Icons (except Patterson Assistant Server) are green. Patterson Image Server is available in Eaglesoft 21.20 and above.

What database does eaglesoft use?

Eaglesoft uses Sybase iSQL Anywhere for its database.

What is the newest version of eaglesoft?

Eaglesoft 21.20 is now available to download and install.

What is Patterson assistant server?

Patterson Eaglesoft has an “Assistant” software program that mirrors our Eaglesoft software with all of the same features. This program utilizes a separate database with sample, or test data, in order for your office to use the Eaglesoft program outside of your actual data for practicing features within the program.

What is the latest version of eaglesoft?

Eaglesoft 21.20 Update 1 (21.20. 08) is now available!.

How do I get rid of eaglesoft?

To uninstall the software, click Start/Programs/CEREC/Deinstallation. During the uninstall procedure, you will be asked whether you want to delete the patient data or the entries in the registration database (e.g. the calibration data). 2. According to how you decide, click the Yes or No button.

What is eaglesoft fast check in?

The Fast CheckIn feature is a kiosk-style check-in center designed to permit patients to enter registration information directly into the system unassisted. The information inputted into the computer system by patients will then automatically update into their Eaglesoft patient records.

Is eaglesoft easy to learn?

Eaglesoft is relatively easy to learn and most PM functions work well. Clinical staff seems to have little trouble with it. The look and feel is user friendly for the most part.

Does eaglesoft have an app?

Eaglesoft Mobile, a feature of Eaglesoft 17 or greater, enables you to view your schedule, patient accounts, medical history, prescription history, proposed treatment and clinical images. You can also assign tasks from your smart phone or tablet. Get Started Now!

How do I install eaglesoft?

How do I install eaglesoft?

  1. Open the Downloads folder. Run the file named: EagleSoft_Eaglesoft 19.00.11_Eaglesoft Setup.exe. Click Install Eaglesoft.
  2. Windows 10 Users: If there is no. response, select Alt | Tab to see. if an Eaglesoft message box is.
  3. open. If so, click OK to close the. message box and continue with. the installation.