What’s the difference to coax and Ethernet? There are layers to this question and there’s no one answer to follow. Ethernet is a network communication method that can be carried

The subwoofer contains a speaker driver which consists of frame, cone, magnet, coil, and assembly. As the cone produces vibration, it generates sound waves in the air. Henceforth, the position

If you spent a great amount of money in your home theater you definitely would like to experience the best audio performance. Your choice of cables will help achieve this

If you are in the process of setting up, upgrading your home theater or installing your surround sound system you will need to check your options for audio and video

Originally developed by Dolby Stereo Digital in 1994, Dolby Digital is an audio compression technology. It efficiently transfers audio signals to the AV preamplifier/processor or receiver that has the capability

BNC is a plug format, SDI is a signal transport format. One uses a BNC connector for a variety of equipment such as television cables, and radios. In addition to