Can you mount a TV without putting holes in the wall?

You can’t mount a TV without putting holes in the wall. At the very least, you’ll have to use tiny nails that’ll leave a bunch of small holes. Some people suggest using adhesive tape, but that won’t hold the TV for very long.

How much weight can command strips hold up?

The large strips can handle a 24-inch to 36-inch object that weighs up to 16 pounds. The smaller hanging strips can only handle up to 4 pounds.

Can you hang a TV with adhesive?

If you have a massive TV, strong adhesives won’t make you feel as secure as the other things will. However, they’ll work well for smaller TVs. Whether you choose railing, a hybrid stand, or a standard stand, just make sure that your TV feels securely locked in place.

Can I use more command strips to hold more weight?

If the hook base is wide enough for it, the instructions usually indicate to put strips side by side, and also indicate it can hold double the weight on the hook packages. Perhaps this is obvious, but you can NOT double the weight by layering two strips.

How do you hang a TV on the wall without studs?


Can mounting a TV damage it?

Not only do the studs support the walls, but they also make it possible to hang things—yes, including your television. It’s important to anchor the screw of your mount to the studs, or else your television (and wall) run the risk of getting seriously damaged.

Why do my command strips keep falling?

Any dust, dirt, or residue can make it hard for the adhesive to form a strong bond. I recommend cleaning the area with a Magic Eraser, because it’s quick and easy, and will thoroughly clean most surfaces. After using the Magic Eraser, wipe the area with rubbing alcohol to leave it squeaky clean.

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Can command strips hold 25 lbs?

& Command Medium Utility Hooks, 9-Hooks, 12-Strips. Introducing the new 3M CLAW Drywall Picture Hanger! Trust your heavyweight hanging projects to the 3M CLAW Drywall Picture Hanger proven to hold up to 25 pounds. The engineered hardened steel claws lock securely into drywall anywhere – just push, hang and you’re done.

Can you hang a heavy mirror with command strips?

You can hang a mirror with Command strips by getting the right number of strips in relation to the mirror’s weight. When mounted properly and on the right surface, Command strips can hold your mirror in place for as long as necessary. Removing the mirror from the wall is also straightforward.

How do you mount a TV with Command hooks?


  1. Get a tv that is vesa mount compatible (20″-23″)
  2. Get a vesa mount that does what I want and mount it to a board.
  3. Get many Large 3M command strips and put these to the other side of the board.
  4. Mount the board to the wall with the 3M strips.
  5. Attach the TV and hope it doesn’t fall.

Can you mount a TV with Velcro?

If you’re looking for a simple, effective and inexpensive fixed TV mount, our Velcro-Fixed TV Mount is a great choice. This high definition TV wall mount is perfect for LED TVs and slim LCD televisions ranging from 23” to 42″.

How do you prop a TV without a stand?

Here is a closer look at the most popular mounting methods on how to mount a TV without a stand:

  1. Hang your TV on the wall. Fixed TV Wall Mount. This type of mount does not move but provides a stable base for you to mount your TV on the wall.
  2. Mount on the Ceiling. Motorized Fold-Down.
  3. Mount on the floor. Fixed Floor Pole.

What is the heaviest Command hook?

Jumbo hooks allow you to hold up to 7.5 pounds! Using the revolutionary Command™ Adhesive, Command™ Decorative Hooks hold strongly on a variety of surfaces, including paint, wood, tile and more.Command™ Jumbo Quartz Hook.

Attribute NameValue
Weight Capacity7-1/2 pounds

Can command strips hold 5 pounds?

Command Hooks are available in a wide range of designs to match your individual style and decor. They also come in a variety of sizes and hold a surprising amount of weight up to 7.5 lbs.

Do command strips ruin walls?

Command strips can be beneficial during wall decoration as they enable you to hang pictures and other objects without harming your wall. However, if not removed carefully, they might ruin your wall by peeling off paint.

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Can drywall hold a 65 inch TV?

While companies do advertise plastic wall anchors that can help drywall hold significantly more weight than a standard bolt, we do not recommend using these for the kind of TV mount 65 inch televisions would require – as a 65 inch TV is most likely much heavier than even these wall anchors can handle.

How do you know if your wall can hold a TV?

Use a stud finder to locate the studs in your wall to determine where you can hang the TV. Do not attempt to use drywall anchors to hang it. Eventually, the anchors will get pulled through the drywall and your TV will end up on the floor.

Can drywall anchors hold a TV?

Drywall anchors are stable and secure when installed properly. You must not exceed the listed drywall anchors’ weight limit. You can use drywall anchors for these home tasks: TV mounts: It is possible to mount a bracket holding a 30-pound TV on drywall without drilling the bracket into a stud.

Is it better to wall mount a TV or put it on a stand?

The most obvious benefit of mounting your television versus having a stand is that it’s a huge space saver. This is especially beneficial to small space dwellers who never had room for a large entertainment center in the first place.

How fragile are LED TV screens?

At the end of the day, flat screen TV’s are more fragile than older TV’s. If you’re going to be moving one around often.. which is outside of the norm and probably not recommended.. you’re going to want to at least take every precaution possible. I would use two people and go VERY slowly and carefully.

Do TV wall mounts leave big holes?

Landlords may overlook small holes, but larger ones might cause concern when it’s time to move out. Good thing that the holes left behind by a properly-mounted TV will be small!

Is there anything better than command strips?

Hardwall Hangers

If you want to hang items on a brick or a concrete wall, hardwall hangers are your best option. None of the previous four options are able to penetrate a hard wall well enough without causing damage. Even command strips don’t hold up well when it comes to textured brick walls.

Are command strips reliable?

If you follow the instructions carefully, Command strips are highly effective. If you cut corners and don’t follow the instructions, you’ll have issues.

Is there an alternative to command strips?

Adhesive Hooks

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Damage-free picture hangers are available in various sizes and styles. You simply need to clean your wall with rubbing alcohol before peeling off the paper backing from the hook and pressing it in place for 30 seconds. Allow the adhesive to set for an hour before hanging your picture.

Can command strips hold up a shelf?

In general, the strong adhesive on Command strips and hooks will be able to hold wall shelving, as long as you don’t exceed 15-16 pounds.

Can you cut command strips in half?

I hung it the same way – with the command strips. Just cut ’em in half, stick them to the back of your holder, and then slap them up on the wall. So much easier and less messy than a hammer and nails.

What size command strips do I need?

Product Information and Use

Max Frame SizeNumber of Sets (Pairs) of Strips Required
up to 18cm x 23cmup to 7″ x 9″3
up to 20cm x 25cmup to 8″ x 10″4
up to 40cm x 50cmup to 16″ x 20″ 

How do you remove command strips?

To Remove

  1. Hold the hook gently in place (so it doesn’t snap your fingers!) but don’t press it against the wall.
  2. Remember to never pull the strip towards you. Always pull straight down as slow as you can.
  3. Slowly stretch the strip straight down, keeping your hand against the wall as you go.

Can you use Command strips horizontally?

Should Command™ Picture Hanging Strips be used vertically or horizontally? They can be used either direction. However, best to use vertically for optimal performance and removal.

How do you remove command strips from a mirror?

First, warm up the adhesive with a hairdryer. 30 seconds or so seems to be about right. Next, use dental floss or fishing line to gently cut through the adhesive strip. Rub off any remaining adhesive residue, and the Command Hook is ready to reuse!



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