best bluetooth aux adapter

Best Bluetooth Aux Adapter

In the last 20 years, Bluetooth has completely changed the way we think about connections. We no longer have to deal with a rat’s nest of wires to connect our phones, earbuds, and many smart home devices. Instead, we can connect them wirelessly. All of this is fine and dandy, unless you have a device that doesn’t have Bluetooth.

So, how do you play MP3 files in a car that doesn’t have Bluetooth? How would you connect a Bluetooth music player to a regular stereo, for that matter? Or headphones with wires that connect wirelessly? One of the easiest ways to bridge the gap is to just use an extra adapter.

Here, we’ll talk about some of the best Bluetooth auxiliary adapters you can buy. All of them are good options, but we’ll go over each one so you can choose the one that works best for you. Let’s get right into it!

How do Bluetooth Adapters for Cars work?

The type of adapter you choose will determine how your wireless Bluetooth adapter works:

  • FM Transmitter – uses radio FM frequencies
  • AUX-in: Directly plugs into your 3.5mm AUX input.
  • Visor type: The sound comes out of its own speakers

Bluetooth adaptors are made for making calls without using your hands. Some adapters only let you make phone calls, but others also let you stream music. Some are simple. Some have button pads with more than one use. Some of them have LCD screens with buttons. Many are easy to use because they can be controlled by voice.

The best Bluetooth car adapter kit for hands-free calling has a high-quality mic that cancels out background noise from the road. If your car doesn’t have an AUX-in port, you need an FM transmitter kit. But if there aren’t many open FM frequencies (like in cities), the only other way to connect is through an AUX input.

There are many kinds of Bluetooth adapters for cars.


Most of the time, AUX-in kits are the least expensive (about $20 on average). The 3.5mm AUX input on your stereo is where AUX-in kits go. The sound signal sent from your phone is picked up by Bluetooth. The wireless signal is taken out of its compressed form and turned into an analog signal. The signal is then turned up by your stereo.

FM Transmitters

People who don’t have AUX inputs in their cars should really only use FM transmitters. With these FM transmitters, you get what you pay for, so be aware that the cheapest ones aren’t worth it. The FM signal must be strong enough to send a clear signal that can be picked up by your stereo. The audio signal is compressed by Bluetooth, and then it is changed into an FM radio signal. FM signals have a lot of noise, a frequency that changes all the time, and a low ratio of signal to noise. Even with a good antenna, you can still hear the signal noise.


The most expensive hands-free Bluetooth car adapter kits cost between $50 and $120. This is because the units have their own speakers and a wireless system built in. There is no distortion, feedback, or echo. The sound doesn’t come through your car speakers, so conversations are very clear. Attach the unit to your sun visor. It’s meant for hands-free phone calls, but you can also use it to play music.

Features of the Best Bluetooth Car Adapter

  1. 3.5mm Input/AUX-in: The 3.5mm plugs into the AUX-in, which receives sound from a media device.
  2. Built-in Charger: An internal charging stem that is marked and has a power source (cigarette lighter plug-in charger)
  3. Command Buttons: Hands-free operation is made possible by control buttons on a pad.
  4. Improves wireless sound quality with aptX
  5. Used by the in-car Bluetooth hands-free audio systems, the Hands-Free Protocol
  6. Reduce background noise through ambient noise reduction
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Top Best Bluetooth Aux Adapter

COMSOON Upgraded Bluetooth 5.0 Receiver is the best overall.

For individuals who require a straightforward yet dependable Bluetooth connection in their car, the COMSOON Upgraded Bluetooth 5.0 Receiver is a fantastic option. Simply charge it, connect it to the AUX connection on your car, and match your smartphone with it. After you’ve paired the devices, you can easily play music or make and receive calls hands-free and without a messy cable connection. You have the AUX output on one side. A volume up/down button is located opposite that. The USB-C charging port is located next to both of them. There is a “multifunction button” on the receiver’s face that you can use to play/pause music or accept/reject phone calls.

The COMSOON Bluetooth receiver includes a rechargeable battery inside. Fortunately, the charge times are only about 2-3 hours, which is regarded as being fairly quick. Users can anticipate up to 16 hours of wifi freedom once completely charged before another charge is required. It’s ideal to keep in your car at all times because of how compact it is. In fact, you may couple two cellphones at once because it enables a dual Bluetooth connection. In this manner, it is possible to play music from two different sources and make or receive calls on both phones.

We adore that the COMSOON Upgraded Bluetooth 5.0 Receiver has CVC 8.0 (clear voice capture) and DSP (digital sound processor). Both ends of the phone connection will receive crystal-clear voice communication because of these built-in audio features. Background noise is effectively eliminated in this method. There are no more echoes, distortions, wind, traffic noise, etc. In the end, this results in almost-perfect sound quality when having a conversation on your attached smartphone.

What We Favorite

  • 16-hour maximum battery life.
  • charges quickly—in only a few hours—via USB-C.
  • Very small and portable design.
  • Added CVC 8.0 and DSP for better call quality.
  • Very reasonable in terms of cost.

What Frustrated Us

  • Notifications for Audible can be bothersome. For instance, when the volume is increased, it will announce “maximum volume!” It will yell “power on!” when it is turned on.
  • It will cry “battery low” when the battery is low.
  • When you turn off your car, the Bluetooth connection remains active. Bluetooth must be manually turned off.

Anker Soundsync A3352 Bluetooth Receiver, Best Runner-Up

A tried-and-true Bluetooth receiver that is portable and well-made is the Anker Soundsync A3352. The gadget is exceedingly small and has a USB-rechargeable internal battery. There is an AUX port on one side and a volume up and down button on the other. A micro-USB connector for charging is located on the side next to the volume controls.

To use, just connect the provided audio adapter’s one end to the receiver and the other to the AUX input on your car. Next, quickly use Bluetooth to pair your smartphone or tablet. Best of all, the Anker Soundsync A3352 supports dual pairing, just as the COMSOON. As a result, two people can couple their phones in a vehicle. As a result, you can use two audio sources to play music or make hands-free phone conversations.

The call and music quality were both excellent in our opinion. We never encountered any lag, delay, or dropped connections when using the Anker Soundsync A3352. There is very little to no danger of audio failure as long as you are inside the car or within around 30 feet of the receiver. In fact, we discovered it to be successful in every way. It is equally easy to use and totally compatible with even old smartphones and tablets.

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What We Favorite

  • 12-hour maximum battery life.
  • Dual pairing lets you simultaneously connect two devices.
  • any lag, excellent audio quality.
  • very transportable design

What Frustrated Us

  • old micro-USB technology that charges quite slowly.
  • Since it continues to be powered even after you turn off your automobile, users must manually turn it off.
  • attempts to auto-pair with your phone while it is charging.

The Kinivo BTC450 Bluetooth Car Kit is the top premium choice.

The Kinivo BTC450 Bluetooth Car Kit is a great premium option because it provides something a little different. The BTC450 connects directly to your car’s 12V (cigarette lighter) output, bypassing its internal battery. A short connection runs from here to a diminutive circular disc-shaped multi-function button. It can be stuck somewhere close by for simple access and control because its backing is sticky. The cable is soon divided into an auxiliary cable that plugs into the AUX port.

All that’s left to do is couple your smartphone when it has been correctly connected to your automobile. As a result, customers may use practically any Bluetooth-capable device to experience hands-free calling and seamless streaming. The aptX codec for lossless CD-quality audio support is the best feature. In actuality, we discovered that the audio quality was superior to that of the COMSOON and Anker Soundsync. However, the higher price point makes it acceptable. Simply said, it costs a lot more than the alternatives yet has marginally better audio quality.

Additionally, call quality appears to be fairly realistic. The Kinivo BTC450, which eliminates background noise and concentrates on the purity of your speech rather than ambient noise in your immediate vicinity, really offers the same noise cancellation capability for phone calls as the COMSOON. Although this Bluetooth adapter is more of an all-in-one automobile kit, it is made to be permanently fitted inside your car. The extra connections do add a little bit more clutter, but you’ll never have to worry about charging an internal battery.

What We Favorite

  • The very good audio quality for both music and voice.
  • does not need to be removed from your car; it remains installed.
  • There is no need to remember to manually charge it since it doesn’t use a battery.
  • A multi-function button makes it simple to access your music, directions, or phone.
  • A pass-through USB charger is included with the 12V cigarette input and is always available.
  • With a two-year warranty.

What Frustrated Us

  • More costly than alternative options.
  • A little disorganized; some people might not appreciate the extra wires it needs.
  • A high-pitched noise has been heard by certain users while listening to music. Since we didn’t encounter this, there could be some quality-control problems.

The SONRU Bluetooth 5.0 Receiver is the best substitute.

Another small gadget that is more akin to the COMSOON and Anker Soundsync is the SONRU Bluetooth 5.0 Receiver. But if you take a closer look, you’ll see that there is a little built-in screen. The name of the Bluetooth device, play status, volume, battery life, and phone number of the person you’re now speaking to are all clearly indicated on this tiny OLED display. Despite not being very necessary, this is a bonus function that is unquestionably useful.

A play/pause and accept/reject call button are located on the same side as the screen. A little clip is located on the screen’s opposite side, making it simple to clip it to your clothing or pocket and keep it there. A USB-C charging connector is located on the bottom side, and an AUX port is located on the side next to it. A manual on/off switch and volume up/down buttons that, when briefly depressed, can be utilized to skip music are located opposite the AUX input. Overall, this is a fairly little device with a wide range of controls that are accessible from all angles.

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The SONRU Bluetooth 5.0 Receiver has a tiny rechargeable battery inside that lasts up to 12 hours. Micro USB charging is quick and simple. The receiver will be fully charged and ready to go for another 12 hours in about 2 hours. Regardless, it seems like the voice and audio quality are both respectable. We found no issues with the clarity when listening to music or taking phone calls, even though it isn’t as clear as the Kinivo BTC450. No of the circumstance, you can anticipate crystal-clear calls with superb audio quality because it uses the same CVC 8.0 technology as the COMSOON.

What We Favorite

  • Various parameters are clearly indicated on a small OLED panel.
  • incredibly little design with a connection clip on the rear.
  • Battery life of up to 12 hours after a 2-hour charge.
  • Excellent audio quality with CVC 8.0 for both music and phone conversations.
  • There are numerous physical buttons for convenient usage.
  • Cheaply priced.

What Frustrated Us

  • Obsolete micro-USB is utilized for charging.
  • Potentially unnecessary power drain from the screen.
  • Volume controls require prolonged pressing. However, a brief pressing of the buttons is required to skip tracks. Ideally, the roles should be reversed.

The Best Bluetooth AUX Wireless Adapter: Final Thoughts

As you can see, a wide variety of wireless Bluetooth AUX adapters are available. But we’ve whittled it down to four excellent choices. Recap briefly to choose the best choices.

As a whole, we think the COMSOON Upgraded Bluetooth 5.0 Receiver is the best. It works incredibly well, is reasonably priced, and has many features. In comparison to the competitors, the 16-hour battery life is excellent, and the inbuilt CVC 8.0 and DSP provide excellent hands-free call quality in any setting. The COMSOON is likewise quite well-liked. It is clearly one of the top choices among consumers as seen by the over 10,000 5-star ratings it has received on Amazon.

The Anker Soundsync A3352 is another fantastic choice. Even though it charges using an antiquated Micro-USB, it works well and offers excellent audio. It does, however, cost a little more than it needs to. Other than that, it’s a solid, tried-and-true option that’s quite well-liked.

Something a little unique is provided by the Kinivo BTC450 Bluetooth Car Kit. It is not intended to be as portable as feasible, but rather to be fixed within your car with a semi-permanent installation. While the other end plugs straight into your car’s AUX input, the other end of the cord plugs into your car’s 12V cigarette lighter. The final component is a little disc that adheres to any surface close to the head unit or dashboard area of your car. In our opinion, the Kinivo offers the clearest audio for people who are particular about the way their music sounds.

Not to mention, the SONRU Bluetooth 5.0 Receiver offers a similar experience to the COMSOON and Anker Soundsync. But it features an integrated OLED panel that enables precise visual depiction of a number of characteristics. The best part is that it works exactly as well as the COMSOON and is just as reasonably priced. Unfortunately, it still works fine despite relying on micro-USB, which is now slightly out of date.

What wireless AUX adapter are you going to pick? We’ve provided four great solutions that are all accessible and simple to utilize. You must decide which is appropriate for your particular situation. Enjoy!

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